After an entire year of Brave Rewards not working, *I* get FLAGGED

This is my third and final post here about this. I have had the ads turned on for Brave rewards for a few months longer than a year now, and still haven’t received a single token. Not. A. Single. One. After giving up for a while, I came back to try to fix the problem yet once more only to have a knife stabbed right in the wound: now my brave rewards profile is FLAGGED. For absolutely no reason whatsoever at all. I can not even believe after an entire year of constant pop ups and ads in which I received zero rewards for, that this is happening. I’m done. I’ve tried numerous times to get help for this and it’s never happened. Brave, you’re welcome for all the free ad revenue I’ve generated you. Unbelievable


Raise a ticket at


Many people are having this problem recently. There’s already an active thread about it:

Opening tickets is useless. I don’t think Brave have the resources to handle them. The only thing that worked for me was contacting @BraveSupport on Twitter. See linked thread for details.

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Well, for me Raising a ticket has always solved issues. It was never the issue of a flagged profile for me though, it was about not receiving payment for a particular device I usually got my replies under 1 or 2 days. Best thing after Raising a ticket is to share it’s ticket ID, so if support stumbles upon your post they can get to it right way. Won’t disagree that tagging them on Twitter will expedite the process, but just sharing my view / experience with them :grinning::slightly_smiling_face:

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I see a comment below yours saying to open a ticket and that opening a ticket is the best thing to do, and then yours saying it doesn’t work :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Well someone else in the comments is saying tickets are useless, but looks like it’s my only option so may as well give it a try. Do you know where I can open a ticket at? I think I’ve done it in the past, I’ve just forgotten since then where I can do a ticket at.

Oh oops, I overlooked this comment. Disregard my last comment asking where to open a ticket at. I suppose I could have edited that comment but I’ve already typed this out sooo… lol

@JerryGarcia Yeah, the official method and what is typically best would be Rewards Support Ticket at

Essentially what sonicdream and others are saying is that they sometimes have better luck by trying other methods, such as Twitter. Though I will tell you that it’s generally all the same people on Support across platforms. You have SaltyBanana, Evan123, Mattches, and Steeven for the most part. Typically whenever they say that your account has been reviewed and not going to be reinstated, which is conversations that Sonicdream linked to, then that person is out of luck. I mean, at that point they are pretty much confident that the account violated Terms and they are doing a permanent suspension/ban of that particular account. There may be some small exceptions if you try to appeal it, but they would be rare.

In any case, average person just submits a ticket and then will hear back. Majority of times Brave is willing to reverse suspensions.

I thought that last update took away rewards for people and brave decided which pages you visit gets them.
I visit lots of pages I wouldn’t give a plug nickle to, so I shut off my rewards.
If I don’t get rewarded for browsing why am I getting rewards at all?

Nothing is fair, if controlled by people.
Thus who claim is fair, are just puppets, or neurons are a necessity.
I would say F U CK testing department , but actually, this days we are the testing, and not paid.


@Mattches , who is everyone? that i am bothering?
Trolling but in the same time saying the truth?
Is that is what bothers everyone?
And when i say everyone, i mean you directly?

So what, if you ban, is not the first time, and there are plenty emails, and IP’s.
You are just pathetic…

Yes, please raise a ticket with us using the form provided below. It is not “useless” with respect to having your case reviewed. Please submit a ticket and we will respond as soon as possible.

I have seen your constant trolling and non-constructive remarks in about 50 different threads. You’re not helping anyone, you’re just annoying everyone.

Next one I see gets your account suspended.

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And they wrote me that I can’t earn money because I’m in the forbidden territory. I don’t know why Germany is a forbidden territory. I didn’t manage to go in and change the territory either. Now I have to switch between two web browsers.