Account flagged for over a month for no reason

Hi, I’ve been receiving rewards for nearly a year now with no issues. I have a verified uphold account linked to Brave. When my laptop broke and I had to go on my spare one my account was flagged straight away and I am no longer earing rewards. Can someone help?

Open a support ticket and they will have a look at it

i tipped my friend and they banned his account,he only used the service for a month so they dont care theres a lot of work to be done with the fraud detection and they dont want to do it so good luck

I opened a support ticket and they just said I should post my issue here on the forum. Ridiculous.

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thats ridiculous, i wonder why the rewards service has become so bad, I remember a good time of about three months and Ive been using it for about a year, I mean the browser is private and it does block unwanted ads and stuff so if that can work properly why cant the other stuff work properly and why do they flag small amounts on some peoples profile I don’t understand,

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also the ad blocking and the privacy stuff works 100 percent of the time what I dont understand is why is it that things work great in the rewards region for a time, and then suddenly there are crashes and things like that only to be restored or to be restricted to smaller regions,also with some silly stuff like them flagging small amounts of bat.I dont understand

They fixed it so Its all ok now. Lost a lot of rewards though

well hey atleast its working now

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