Quite the Coincidence

I find it interesting that after requesting support for brave rewards not paying out two months in a row, the issue was "resolved’ and it just so happens that my profile has been flagged out of nowhere. Way to go Brave, you’ve lived long enough to see yourselves become the villain. I hope you’re happy.

When flagged you don’t get paid. It’s as good as being suspended.

When you’re flagged, you get disconnected from Uphold / Gemini and when you try to connect back, it does tell you you’re flagged.

I think you misunderstand, I had an issue several months back where it had stopped depositing to my uphold for no reason. I came here, posted about it, and I thought everything was fine. September rolls around and my rewards page says uphold isnt connected, go to reconnect, and i get a notification saying its flagged.

Hey @kylebarton123. I see in your prior topic, Where are my BAT tokens?, that I ended up responding to you and advised about submitting tickets. There was no additional follow-ups on that and I’m guessing based on what you’re saying here, they replied to your ticket and reinstated your account. Is that correct?

If so, other thing you may have missed were announcements made, which I’ll link below:

Those seem to match the timeline of your issues, meaning you likely were one of the many caught up in the new antifraud detection. They did a mass unflagging as part of it, which even removed flags from people who had not submitted tickets. That said, some of those people ended up flagged by the system again shortly after.

It’s still suggested to create a support ticket to have them investigate and make a decision on whether accounts will be reinstated. If you get a response that it won’t be, then that’s their final decision. Otherwise they’ll remove the flag and payment (for whatever was earned prior to being flagged) should be processed in that following payout period

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