Brave rewards wallet flagged, cannot verify

I have tried to fint info regarding this…

I have used Brave for years, and I have received rewards for most of that time with Uphold (I also have Gemini), But in all of 2022 I have gotten the error message “your account is flagged” and “no action is required from you, we will look into this”. The first time I got this message was in January (6 months ago) and nothing has happened. I cant imagine what ive done to get flagged… I didnt receive THAT much BAT, and is not assosiated with any criminal activity or similar. Why is it flagged? And why is it still flagged 6 months later? I should at least get the reason for this from you. And why arent you doing something to fix it or at least contact me? I want to continue getting rewards, and I want you to fix this now, its been enough waiting time.

Also, this is a rediculous way to get support. What ever happened to a contact form or an support email? This seems very un-serious. And my concerns arent private this way (which one would think was in Braves interest)

  • Please get a normal form of support options.


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Hi Nikolai

You can ask for support via the email address [email protected]

or you can open a support ticket

also, this page has a lot of answers to most questions posted in here

Mine has been flagged for almost a year, I have not received any BAT since October 2021.

Someone a little more skeptical might think this is a ploy to collect all the ad revenue for whomever runs Brave without sharing with the users…

I got a response finally, and they said you have to answer a few questions before they will start looking into it. Which is the opposite to the instructions you get about “you dont need to take any action, we will look into this” , so that statement is a pure lie. Also they said that IF you get unflagged, you will get all the rewards for the flagged period. But they want you to tell them why you think you are flagged, pretty much to admit criminal activity or something… I have not done anything to get flagged and are not assosiatet with anything negative… So I feel this is a random flagging of my account. I am starting to dislike the support service a bit…

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I had the same response, and they asked me to provide:

  1. How did you solicit tips / contributions / referrals? What were your methods for doing so?
  2. Do you believe that there’s anything you did that may have accidentally triggered our security checks?

I just use Brave as my regular web browser and have no idea what soliciting tips even involves!

Is this just a sneaky way for Brave to get all the ad revenue directly without having to share with users or sites?

since they say you will get the BAT rewards you have earned in the period you have been flagged, how can you even think that its “a sneaky way to…”

I where asked the same, and neither I do understand what they really are asking, I feel like I am being suspected to be a criminal or something like that

I have my suspicions because of past actions.

I started using Brave in September 2020, because I’d rather support something user created rather than Big Tech.

In early 2021, for some reason I stopped getting ad credits for a couple of months. Posting here or sending emails to Brave support went unanswered and unacknowledged.

In about July the rewards started mysteriously posting again, but NO credit for those in the period which was missed.

They then stopped again in October. With the flag, Brave tells you to do nothing, they will sort it out.

Of course, then when you do contact them because nothing is changing, then they say you DO actually need to provide this info about tip solicitation or breaching security checks, but without explaining what that means to someone who is just using Brave as their web browser.

I suspect I will continue to hear nothing, and continue to receive no rewards.

I would be staggered if I do start receiving rewards, I would receive almost a years worth which are in backlog.

Based on the last time, these will have been pocketed in yet another crypto swindle, of which this whole ecosystem is riddled.

That last statement, that the crypto ecosystem is “riddled” or “swindle” is such a wrong statement… What happens with a specific company, like Terra or Celcius, or Brave for that mather, is not an reflection on the entire crypto industry. That is a really unfair thing to state.

The rest of what you wrote I completely agree with. I also expect nothing to be done. They tell you to do nothing, but after contact, you actually DO have to do something… and I responded an answer to those wierd questions, but am not expecting any answer really. Also they responded “this email will only respond to actual suspension issues” and saying that this issue me and you are having, is apperantly not an suspension issue (what?).

But still, I am 100% confident that Brave as a web browser, is much much better than its competitor, especially Google’s Chrome, which people dont realize have a horrible ‘data/privacy policy’.

Another concerning issue about Brave rewards is that you have only like 4 or 5 times you can verify on an ‘device’ before it starts giving you an error message that you have verified the maximum amount of devices. So if you throw out a computer or phone, and buy a new one, you cannot verify and get rewards on that device. Which is completely BS requirement for such an service.

In general, this reward service/offer is extremely full of bad policys and enforcements. When it worked, it was great, but it didnt for long before you are suspected to be a criminal or whatever… They should really prioritize when they get contacted about flagged accounts, and answer them within 24hours. Also when they flagg an acount, they should tell you exactly why, within 7 days. So this , up to 1 year without contacting the users, and really not handling it at all on their own, is a complete BS way to run things.

  • Get real Brave. Or people will return to their old browsers.

Nikolai I agree with you wholeheartedly about confidence in Brave as a browser and genuinely want it to succeed.

But to use two analogies:

  1. An employee kept on working for months on end without getting paid, despite the employer saying they would pay them monthly for the work they do - which is measured
  2. A business provides a service for months on end without the customer paying, despite the customer having agreed to pay them monthly for the service they provide - which is measured

In both circumstances, the employee or business are told “don’t worry, if you haven’t been paid we will look at it and you will get paid when we decide there’s no issue, there’s nothing for you to do”. When the employee or business still doesn’t get paid, the only way to raise the issue is on an online forum where the posts are ignored, or via an email address which is not monitored but provides a canned response that, in fact, you DO need to provide additional information to get paid. But even if you know what that information actually is, the email doesn’t tell you how to provide that info.

In both those circumstances, contract law, employment law and all sorts or protections can be invoked to ensure your right to payment.

With Brave Rewards, you have none of those, and you are left with this Kafkaesque loop where you are waiting for action on something you need to do nothing about but if you work out that maybe you do, you’re not sure what the info is that is needed or who to send it to.

The Rewards from your ads are going somewhere, just not to you or the sites you choose to donate to. It’s not OneCoin or BitConnect, but it’s still a promise unfulfilled enriching someone else in a small way at the expense of you or the websites you want to support with your rewards


me to. And really tired of it. Espicially during Covid. That little extra income went a long way and put a little food on the table from the Dollar store. Not much, but every penny counts. Why are so many people having this issue? Did Wall Street, Google buy them out, and they can’t afford to pay the people that been here the longest. They pay the new people though. I created an additional account and everything worked fine and got payments. Only issue is I don’t have a wallet for that account. Maybe a ponzi scheme. They pay the new people to get them excited and stay with the browserr and figure older consumers will forget about payments, or won’t go through the trouble to bring our case to them and complain. This isn’t decentralized. This isn’t what Web 3 is alll about.

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I agree with you arthur, it is very critic worthy!

All i ment is that this in no way represents the crypto industry, but only Brave itself.
I dont think they will even look at these posts, and I dont expect any of us to get our cases solved, especially since if you write to that Email provided on top, you do get the response that you have to provide somekind of answers, but it also states that this email will not deal with this kind of issue in any way.
I still replyed to it with somekind of answer, but again, dont expect anything to happen.
You have any idea on how to escalate the subject? Maybe reddit is more of a place for this, than here? I bet there are already posts on this on reddit.

To “EzRiderX” , this (brave) is in NO WAY decentralized or a web3 venture, it is neither a wall street or google operated company…
Lets stick with facts on this if we are to expect anyone to take this seriously.

But still, Brave rewards, someone with the legal status to escalate these issues, and others, should take a look at how its run.

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Well you know what a mean @wicked-starfish , Democratizing the internet. Where Google makes all their money tracking us and selling our data. DATA has always been the new oil, new gold. That’s why we need 3.0 and crypto trading and have a chance to Financial Freedom. Instead, Wallstreet has been making tons more money since the internet began.
Our data on the internet, what consumers do are tracked and sold to Wallstreet and the 1% of Americans. Data from travel bookers, google data mining, etc. I’m a big advocate of a democratized internet that we the people run, and we control what to do with our data. Instead of google maps tracking where you travel, eat, shop. There are dApps that do the same thing and the more you travel the more Crypto coins you get while keeping people’s personal data anonymous. I am helping build Web 3. Brave is in my list of categories, and Web3 ETF, ( as does many other Crypto , Web 3 enthusiasts, and even Wallstreet) I have my block chains, crypto investments divided in categories. Brave falls under Web 3 and a few other’s. Tho it’s not exactly a Web 3 browser where you can open daPPS like Trust Wallet has a daPP browser. Research I have done, is that Brave is working on making the Browser ready for the future and Opera. I prefer Brave, that it has tokenization, can bring more Utility. I’m not to start an argument, and I am not a financial advisor.
I just want Brave to thrive and hope they can at least fix this small red flag issue non-sense. Get some kind of support. Without good customer service can cause a company to collapse, people will go to competitors where things work the way they are supposed to and have some kind of customer support. Brave was ahead of their times. in front of the race, coming out with the first safe browser that rewards you for getting pop up ads. Not pop up ads that take your data and monetize your personal info and sell it to the highest bidder on Wallstreet, Amazon and other big companies so they can spam you and shove ads in your face like Facebook. lol

Brave is on my top 10 Web 3.o ETF for Crypto coins to buy in 2022!

Top 10 Web 3.0 Crypto coins to buy in 2022

  1. Ethereum – Overall Best Web 3.0 to Buy for 2022
  2. Uniswap – One of the Best Web 3.0 Crypto Tokens for Decentralized Trading
  3. Basic Attention Token – Top-Rated Web 3.0 Coin Supporting the Future of Digital Marketing
  4. Decentraland – Best Web 3.0 Coin to Invest in the Metaverse
  5. – Leading Web 3.0 Crypto Project Involved in Decentralized Lending
  6. Cosmos – Innovative Project That Connects Competing Web 3.0 Crypto Projects Together
  7. The Graph – Best Web 3.0 Crypto Coin to Buy for Blockchain Indexing
  8. Tron – The De-Facto Web 3.0 Crypto Coin for Content Creators
  9. Solana – Hedge Again Ethereum as the De-Facto Web 3.0 Blockchain
  10. BNB – Binance Will Likely Play a Role in the Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Anyways I apologize for the rants again. When being locked down from Covid for years and your job is sitting in front of a PC 24/7 and don’t have time for people. Sometimes when I start chatting I will make my case and then some. I’ve been doing to much crypto analysis today, and business Analysis, I been meaning to try and reach BRAVE again, and today is that day. Time for a nap.

Peace BRAVE Community and ADMINS!


I agree with you on most things. And I really believe that a decentralized web would benefit all people, also those that have no understanding or doesnt care about how it works and how it benefits their privacy and so on. You can access most DeFi & Dapp projects with an browser extension, or even Brave’s built-in Wallet (I will never use that one for obvious reasons)

But the goal with creating this thread, was to get attention on the rewards issue, please dont wonder of into all kinds of other topics in this thread. And… publishing a top-10 list of defi/dapp coins doesnt belong here. I would be veeery careful to promote investments or say ‘this coin is a better investment than this coin’ - If someone takes it very seriously and really invests their life savings (people actually do this, just after googling “best crypto investment 2022”) , then they might hold you responsible or referr to your statement as of why they did it. Which is not offence, but very uncool.

  • Its another thing to publish proper analasys and such, but personal opinion on investments, should stay with you.

For refrence, I agree on the top 10 list, and I am using crypto in my everyday life and spend very much of my week studying the subject.

web3 and decentralization is huge, and a very positive thing. And I will continue to support development in these areas. I can accept that Brave is a web3 browser, depending a little bit on definition.

But what do you mean with the statement “Brave is on my top 10 web3 or ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) for crypto coins to buy in 2022” ? “Brave” is not a coin, but they do have their own ‘coin’ - BAT. And I am pretty sure that Brave is not an ETF or listed at Wall Street, I dont think they have done an IPO. (I am not 100% on these things, but pretty sure) - I think I understand what you mean, but for someone with low knowledge of crypto etc, this could seem misleading.
Think of all the people who bought stock in a company with the ‘ticker’ “Signal”, based on Elon Musk’s tweet about supporting the privacy chat app Signal, and ended up with shares in a completely different company who has nothing to do with the app (Signal app is not publicly listed), That should say something about how big consecvenses can be when
incorrect information is published, or is very open to misinterpretation.

  • I dont think you can buy “Brave”, or shares in Brave, but you can buy BAT, and Brave is an ‘open-source’ project where everyone can join as developers. Typically open-source projects are not publicly listed, for example on wall street.

Anyhow, lets try to stay on the subject.
What I would like to get your thoughts on is how to escalate this issue and cast awareness on Brave’s reward system and practises. Do you have any ideas? I mentioned Reddit, cause it has way more users, and probably will create a bigger buzz around the subject. Also I think there already is posts on this there.
But if you or anyone has some other ideas as to who might be able to do something about this, I would love for you to post that kind of things in this thread :slight_smile:

Have a terrific day!

I got a reply today from “suspensions @ brave. com”

  • So this is the message I got, telling me to use the support form:

Adama (Brave Software)

Jun 24, 2022, 11:39 AM PDT

Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us!

Unfortunately, you’ve contacted [suspensions @ brave . com](mailto:suspensions @ brave. com), which is intended only for the purpose of resolving Creator account suspensions. For general help, please visit our help forum at [community.brave. com](http://
community .brave. com/) and our FAQ at [support .brave . com](http:/ /support .brave . com). You may also submit a ticket to use using the [Help Center form](https:// support. brave. com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?ticket_form_id=360001302431).

Thank you

  • Then I replied once more, saying I would like them to at least aknowledge the issue I am having. And I asked for an actual Email to the appropiate part of support. And asked how to to give them a response to questions that Brave(them) are asking for (and why they refused to foreward these answers themself, to the appropiate support team for this issue. That is often normal practise…

  • Then I got this response:

Adama (Brave Software)

Jun 24, 2022, 2:16 PM PDT

This email is for suspended Creators, not for flagged Rewards accounts. For the issue you’re seeing, you’ll need to reach out to the form I linked in my last reply. I do apologize if someone provided you with this email to respond to — they did so incorrectly. @rodrige Please fill out the form and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you

  • I will fill out the form, and I can post how that will turn out

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