Brave - Uphold - Not getting rewarded - Flagged

Been a month now, both me and my roomemate are not getting rewards, or ads.

I’ve read through the posts here, and reddit, and asked questions.

Will you resolve it, sould I just leave it, or do we do something about it? I created this way back, so I have Uphold as my wallet, that I made as your recommendation back then.

And why flagged?

What now?

Thank you

My account’s been flagged since January – I have no idea who to talk to about this, I don’t see any email addresses or contact information of any kind about this on the site.

Is anyone at Brave listening?

Why isn’t there a contact link on the information page or on the error message:

This message says to file a support ticket and gives a link:

Put bluntly (can sound harsh, but not meant to be, just hear me out), it’s because they didn’t plan on addressing it. If you got flagged, you likely did something you shouldn’t have. They don’t reveal what you did or how you got caught. And as your notice says, there’s nothing more for you to do but to wait for the system to decide it wants to unflag you. While it uses the word “flagged,” it means you’ve been suspended.

Yes, they listen. It’s actually been answered a BUNCH on this site as well. Unfortunately people don’t like to take the time to research answers. They just gripe and complain, jumping straight to creating topics. I mean, I even address this in complete detail in a FAQ I wrote and had been pinned in Brave Rewards portion here, but nobody ever stopped to read it.

Ding ding ding. We have a winner! Not to sound rude or anything, but yeah, you do see where it’s been asked one of what seems like a million times. If you can imagine spending time here to help people and you see the same questions and complaints all the time, you can start to get irritated.

I get it, you don’t like how they didn’t just provide you the link in the notice. Why did you have to search for it? You’re mad you got flagged to begin with. All of that stuff. And if you’re one of the rare few who got flagged on accident, I can understand the frustration. But to post and speak as if answers haven’t been given somewhere is upsetting, at least from my end.

If this was feedback requesting a change in how they communicate things on the notice, I’d be 100% supportive. I’m just more ranting because of the constant comments of people such as:

So yeah, you get it, right? From saying you see nothing anywhere on the site to then saying you did see an answer. That’s just the little details that get to me, especially when people don’t even acknowledge answers that exist.

Sorry, my little rant and blunt answer aside, all you can do is if you’ve been flagged and think it was done wrongly, submit an official Support Ticket so someone from Brave can review your case.

Open topics like this never result in any changes. The most they’ll (someone from Brave) do is instruct you to submit a ticket or send them a DM with the information. So it loops around to what has been instructed here, except you’ll be further behind than if you just submitted to begin with. This is because tickets are handled in the order they are received.

And yes, they do need to change some of their errors and the information that’s provided. There’s a ton of little changes they’ll be making. It’s just kind of a low priority compared to other things going on.

My support ticket’s in the system now. I did nothing “wrong” so I must be one of those rare cases (I wonder if it’s really rare – maybe there’s a bug causing bad flags). Thanks for posting the link to create it because I don’t see any on the Brave website. “Support” at the bottom of the Brave site just takes you here to If there’s a link to on the site, I’m not seeing it.

I pasted the support link into several of the threads I looked through today to try to resolve this so maybe other people won’t have to search around so much.

There should be a link on the error page that eventually gets you to instead of a link to a page saying to just wait because “the problem will be resolved”. I waited and waited and eventually forgot about it and no one contacted me because there’s no provision for that.

I realize Brave has a lot on their plate (I’m a software engineer with experience in IPFS, Ethereum, Dapps, p2p, HTML5, full stack, among other things). Customer relations, however, cannot be considered a low priority for a company.

BAT and ad revenue was one of the key features that attracted me to Brave but this year it’s not a feature at all, mostly because Brave hasn’t communicated with me as a customer.

No communication is not communication.

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Agreed. Believe it or not, they had only one person working all of Support for over a year. Then for the past year or two, only 2 people (Mattches and Steeven) were working here, with the occasional assist from SaltyBanana.

We now have SaltyBanana back here full-time from what I’ve heard, they have evan123 who is fairly new to Brave Community, and the same two. So it’s 4 staff trying to go through things.

In the meanwhile, you have normal users like myself who ended up spending a lot of time trying to help people. That’s the Community Ninja aspect. We like Brave enough and have been around a while, to where we just volunteer our time trying to assist people. We don’t always have all the right answers or capabilities for things, but definitely work to guide people as best we can.

They are making more shifts in focus. Just as I’m asking them to put all their official notices in one spot and globally pin them so people can easily find it. As of now they “hide” notices about things under particular areas, but most people miss it because they don’t navigate through the site.

I’ve also been asking for them to provide better notices on the browser for when people are flagged, as it only lets you know when you try to connect to an exchange. Beyond that it’s a mystery except people know ads stop and/or they don’t earn BAT. Definitely would be nice if they could at least give some general idea for why flagged as well, but it is what it is. Then as you said, be awesome to provide more information about issues to say to submit the tickets instead of just a generic redirect to where you then have to search issues and/or create a Topic before you are told to submit a support ticket or send a DM to a particular staff member.

Brave is actually in a very interesting position on this. Of all the companies I’ve dealt with, Brave is the easiest to communicate with. Yet despite that, they also make you feel like they communicate nothing at all.

The difference is where you look. They don’t post information in the places they should, such as having it sorted and nice here on or at

Not to mention what they do have on is (or was) often out of date and lacking info.

Not sure if you’ve seen mention yet, but Brave does a weekly Community Call that is usually led by Luke Mulks. They have people from various departments there who advise of upcoming issues and answer questions we have.

Community Calls are every Tuesday around 5pm EDT. You can join in at

Also, all calls are recorded and shared to listen to at

Here’s a follow-up: after I filed the support ticket, Brave resolved my problem very quickly!

Thanks Brave!

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