Vpn enabled equals no brave ads

Need to be able to get Brave ads when vpn is enabled. Haven’t been able to get any ads when I have vpn on. Please fix

… we are not supposed to opt into brave rewards while using vpn :thinking:

what region are you from?

@JohnDproof is correct here.
Brave discourages using VPNs for the purpose of downloading ad catalogs from other countries. Doing so may increase the chances of being flagged as suspect, and can result in issues, such as issues claiming tokens on the payment date and more.

I’m from Montana but my VPN is usually out of L.A . Or Portland

It’s funny how they discourage you from using it but you see ads for VPN services

they discourage you from using it at the same time with the brave rewards system, there’s a difference :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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