Brave ads depending on regions


I’ve heard Brave ads only support some regions, but I would like to know if some regions might get more ads than others? As example, I live in France, and I’ve noticed during day time, I receive a proper amount of ads, but during night time, I receive little to no ads, sometimes even after hours of browsing.
If some regions indeed allow to receive more ads, would a VPN set to those specific regions change anything?

Thank you in advance

Ads are region-dependent, yes.

There is a limited supply of ads. This means there might not be any ads to show you.

Brave Ads is still in beta for advertisers. The supply of ads should grow once Brave opens up to allow more advertisers to create ads.

I see. What about the VPN then ?

Of what i know they are not allowed, if you use it and you see ads:.

  1. You have a bug
  2. You are using IPV6 (from your ISP provider) so you have an IP leak since VPNs only give IPV4 for the moment. (Just disable IPV6 in your computer).