Don't receive ads while my VPN is in the US

If I switch my VPN to an endpoint in Britain I receive ads. If I’m in the US I do not receive any ads. Since I’m crypto trading I don’t want to take that VPN down for security reasons. Any idea what’s going on?

Yeah, same as always. If you use VPN, needs to be in the same region you’re in. If you use it to fake country, you can get flagged and/or at least not earn BAT from ads.

Brave Rewards uses your Device Locale and IP Address to configure which ads to show you. If you’re using VPN to appear like you’re in the United States, then it’s showing you USA. When it then realizes you’re not actually in the USA, you get no ads.

Can keep using VPN, but use node in your country. If you don’t want to do that, then likely need to pause Rewards or opt out. This might change in the future but it’s how it remains for now and how it has been for years.

I’m in the US, using an endpoint in Illinois. The IP database sometimes shows my endpoint being in California; but, Mullvad assures me it’s in Illinois and the database is out of date.

On Reddit a user told me:

I use vpn and get ads. Have to because of my work PC. I actually worked with brave support to get it to work. There are 2 or 3 flags you have to set. If your account was flagged by brave, just reach out to support and they will unflag it for you.

The mod I worked with was “salty banana”. I still have the emails and could share some info if you want it.

I do change my VPN to Britain on occasion. I think I might have gotten flagged from that, or running Brave in a VM to accumulate crypto I did not fully trust. I believe I get ads without a problem when I’m in Windows, and not Linux.

If flagged, shouldn’t ever get ad notifications. If you’re seeing those when you switch VPN, then that’s confusing. Good way to kind of confirm if flagged is to try to connect (verify) to Uphold (or if you’re using Gemini, can try connecting there)

Yeah, I see that’s what you mentioned in Github. I was lazy and didn’t click to read everything there. Instead just was going off of what I was seeing in your post.

Let me ask, have you ever been outside of the US? In particular, am wondering if your device’s region/locale might be set for Britain or something. Guess also, when you had to choose a country in Rewards, did you choose US?

Since you’re on Android, let me point out. If you chose something like English-GB for your language, then that’s English with your Locale in Great Britain. So if you’re in the US, definitely would need to have English-US selected.

If needing Support to look into your account, especially if it is flagged, then you’re best option is to create a Rewards Support Ticket.

Hopefully won’t take too long to respond, but many had been on vacation for the holidays. I think we’ll start seeing them return after the weekend, but not 100% sure when each PTO was taking place. I’m just mentioning that to let you know they’ll have a week or two’s worth of tickets to catch up on, so could potentially be delays on getting responses.

I’ve always been in the US. I believe if I pull the VPN down, I should still get ads. Only issue with that is I have to figure out how to turn it off. (I did a bunch of advanced routing that forces all traffic other than my mobile device through the VPN)

This is on Linux. Not Android. I just added Android since I did not know if it impacts Android as well. I believe it would.

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