No ads with VPN

Basically I don’t get any ads with my VPN even if I connect to a local server. (I saw another post and a mod said it only works if you select local server location)


Dont use VPN. you are a chea*er

Yess you are Right…

I think u didn’t understand. I live in a country where you get a lot of ads. My problem is that I don’t get any with a VPN…

I think the best solution to this problem is to make split tunneling easy. I can select certain apps which won’t be affected by my VPN but I want to be masked while browsing. Brave could make a separate process for the ads which could be selected for split tunneling.

I don’t get any ads too.

I have always been using a VPN while using Brave, but suddenly I no longer receive any ads? I require my VPN for work so how do i configure this porperly to function?

I think I might have the same issue but for me it stopped working months after I started using a VPN. I made a thread myself and I sent my geolocation according to the internet with my VPN to show that I live in the United States. I censored my ip address of course but this is what I sent on mine, maybe something like that will help you too?

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