Zimbra email with French operator Free

Hello the team, I have a question mainly concerning users in France.
The provider Free (Free is the name of the provider) uses Zimbra to access emails.
You can also use the IMP4.FREE.FR link, but Zimbra is much more practical and beautiful.
I am continuing my move from Chrome to Brave.
I have a problem that I only get it with Brave and not with Chrome, Safari, Duckduck etc.
When I launch https://zimbra.free.fr and after logging in, the page freezes and offers me to switch to the HTML version. If I do so, the simplified page opens, but I would like to use Brave and the HTTPS version of Zimbra.
I have tried turning off Brave protection but the site still doesn’t work.
Even with Brave protection on, there are no security problems with the site, no adverts or trackers.
Only with Brave do I have this problem.
I use Brave with an updated Macbook Air and also use it with my old Iphone SE 1st gen.
The problem I am reporting concerns the Macbook Air and Brave.
Do you have any idea what the problem might be?
Thank you.

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Umm. Do you have any extensions installed ?
If yes, could you disable and try again ?

Hello, I did it, I’ve stopped ad-block, U-block Origin and VPN too but it still does not work.

I know my problem is certainly boring and uninteresting :cry:
But I would appreciate your help.
In order to permanently migrate to Brave I need to be able to use zimbra.
If anyone has an idea to help me solve it, that would be great.
Thank you all.

No news ? No ideas ? No solutions ?

Hello, is there a way to contact the official Brave support team ?
I have a problem to use a website on Brave. No solution from community.brave.com With no issue, I’ll not be able to quit the Big G. Thank you for your reply.

Problem SOLVED creating a new Brave profile.
Many thanks to https://community.brave.com/u/fanboynz

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