Deezer does not work with Brave Browser on MBA

Description of the issue:
It is impossible to play songs on
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open
  2. Try to play a song
  3. Deezer displays the following notification: “The version of your browser isn’t supported by us any more. Update your browser or download our desktop app to continue to enjoy your music.”

Expected result:
Deezer should play the songs.

Brave Version:
Release Notes **v1.59.124 Oct 25, 2023

Device details
Macbook Air Early 2014- MacOs BigSur 11.7.10 20G1427

Additional Information:
Playing songs on Deezer via Brave browser used to work very well during the last few months. I still can connect to Deezer but I cannot play songs. It works with Big G and with Safari and with Duck.
Thank you for your help.
If you have some free time, please have a look to my other post : Zimbra email with French operator Free :smiling_face_with_tear:

Played fine here. (on my 30sec free trial account).

Try disabling / re-enabling Widevine in brave://settings/extensions

Hello, thank you for your suggestion.
It does not work.
I have the same error, asking me to install Deezer, as it does not work with Brave.

Does it work in a new Brave profile?

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Do I have to cancel my profile to create a new one ? Is it possible to create a second profile and to switch to it ?

It creates another profile, and you can switch between the 2

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It works ! Thank you
I’ve done some customizations with my profile number 1. Do you think I should pass to profile 2 ? If so, I’ll have to do settings again. Any chance to do it in a simply way ? Just asking.
EDIT : it also solved my other problem related to a french webmail.

You are a genious !

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