New Youtube Rules (SOLVED)

With the new polices of the youtube i cannot Access any video using the ad block.

When i disable all the cookies i can watch the videos without any problem but i lose access to my account aswell.
it’s a solution but i wonder if its a better way or if this is something that it will bne resolved in future. If anyone knows something that could help.
i am using the v 1.56.11 of brave and the only 2 options that i have are using it with the ads or withou my account.

I will be posting any updates in the case in the process.


  • What Shields settings are you using?

  • Have you tried making any adjustments?

  • Do you have any content filters active?

  • Can you try in a Private window and see if it shows to you as well?

  • Lastly, can you go to brave://components/ and check to see if there’s any updates for Brave Ad Block Updater?

Hi @Saoiray
Thanks for the reply.

  • I am using the ad agressive shield (i tested the normal shield aswell), i am using cookie blocker on diferent sites (when i block all cookies, it worked, but i lose conection in my account) i am not blocking scripts.

  • About the adjustments, i tried to change every shield options to see if any have any result. the only one that i got a satisfatory result is disable any cookies.

  • About the contents filters, i have these ones:

  • I tried on a private window, and it works with no problems as it should.

  • about the updates, as i see, i think i am in the latest version:

Try updating Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.385 (or better) in brave://components/

Then refresh youtube. Ensure you’re not using any youtube specific extensions (will trigger it)

I think It Worked.
No videos have been blocked for now.
Thak you all for the help.

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