YouTube Videos Lagging with Hardware acceleration on and in Fullscreen

I recently encountered a perplexing issue while trying to watch YouTube videos. It seems that when I set the video quality to 4K, enable fullscreen mode, and have hardware acceleration enabled in the Brave browser, the videos start to stutter and become virtually unwatchable. Interestingly, when I tested the same scenario in Firefox, the videos played smoothly without any issues.

While a straightforward solution might be to disable hardware acceleration in Brave, I rely on Brave for CPU-intensive tasks, and I can’t afford to have a browser that heavily consumes CPU resources in those situations. So, I’m facing a dilemma here.

Is there a way to enjoy stutter-free 4K videos in fullscreen mode with hardware acceleration enabled in Brave? Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Yep. I do it all the time. This is all going to be based on how good your graphics card is and what your device settings are like.

I’m not sure which GPU you’re using, but people have shared little tips and tricks over the years. I mean, like person at Fan throttling (w11) for no reason - #13 by nostromo021 saw their fan was kicking on and being worked harder when watching videos. As you will see in that link, changing settings resolved that.

To borrow from one of my comments:

Solutions have ranged to what you see below:

Nobody is going to be able to answer directly what your issue is. Unfortunately, the only thing you’re reporting is that your graphics card or graphics settings is not playing nicely.

appreciate your response and the valuable insights you’ve shared. My graphics card is an NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060 Ti, which has handled 4K gaming at 144Hz smoothly in the past. So, I assume it should also be capable of playing 4K videos at 60fps without any issues. It’s just puzzling to me that this problem seems to be specific to the Brave browser, while Chrome and Firefox work seamlessly.

If the root cause were indeed related to my graphics card or its drivers, one would expect the issue to manifest across different browsers, but it’s rather isolated to Brave. I’ve tried some of the solutions you mentioned earlier, such as disabling GPU acceleration and checking application settings, but the problem persists in Brave while other browsers perform as expected. It’s certainly a perplexing situation.

Brave hasn’t been around as long. A lot of times you’ll have places cater to the mainstream brands. For web browsers that would be Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. This is where we have to sometimes go in and tweak minor things to make sure it all can run just as smoothly.

For example, you have which discusses:

AMD drivers would crash over five times less and would eat up on average, 8% less memory when these drivers would detect the “chrome.exe” file.

But seems to be all sorts of issues out there. Another one is

Nothing ever seems to be as simple as it once was. And those are of course just trying to go through and figure out solution if it’s something between the browser and graphics. There’s even been times where people discover it’s an extension or something. It’s all one big time consuming headache to figure out whenever someone does have an issue.

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