Huge instability lately

I fully reinstalled the browser (2x) still same issues, also same issues in private mode (no extensions) and private with tor

I’m seeing more Out of Memory, STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION, STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW errors lately with the brave browser in desktop version.

Same, the new update which added “Copy video frame” might be a bit buggy, as only YouTube has a lot of buffering for me, no other streaming/video site has that. I can easily watch a 4K movie on Netflix, but I can’t watch a 1080p video on YouTube without buffering/loading every 5-20sec

@fanboynz have you figured out a way to fix this issue?

Its not reproducible here. Try testing on a different computer, and also try Brave beta/nightly?

Does it occur on non-youtube pages? try disabling hardware acceleration

I use stable brave, it has been extreme on youtube, still a few lags on other sites like netflix and emby but not as bad as youtube

Version 1.57.57 Chromium: 116.0.5845.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Here is a video which shows that its almost impossible to watch a youtube video on brave with a quality higher than 480p:
brave (lags/buffers at 1080p)
chrome (flawless in 4k)

I use the same extensions on both brave and chrome, I also tried in private (incognito) mode with the same results

Is your hardware acceleration disabled in these cases? re-enable it. Which extensions do have installed? Disabling HW acceration should be done when GPU driver/display issues, will increase CPU load.

I tested various 4k videos (on a Nvidia 2080S here), no issues.

Hardware acceleration is enabled in both cases, disabling Hardware acceleration does buffer a bit more in chrome but still fine, brave can’t handle YouTube with Hardware acceleration disabled.

Also I was just away for about an hour, and my active Tab (YouTube) crashed because I had “no” memory

My pc specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (six core processor)
32GB Vengeance Ram
RTX 3060 TI (LHR)

SSD (WIN): Samsung 980 PRO 1TB
and 3 other drives totaling in additional 16TB HDD Storage

Does it work in private window mode?
Also test in Brave Beta (which creates a new profile).

nope same issues with private window/incognito, and also in brave beta without importing any settings so plain brave beta

also while playing a youtube video, the whole browser starts lagging and slowing down

Well plain brave beta is good, shows an unchanged version. If that helps. Also creates a seperate profile. Doesn’t have to be your main browser here, its just for testing.

I still get the same issue with default brave beta, I hope a dev could find a fix

Just upgraded to Windows 11 (22H2) from Windows 10 (22H2), still the same issues. So it has to be something with brave and not with my pc/windows

@xenos1337 big issue is in trying to reproduce. I’m able to watch the video you used as an example with absolutely no issues on performance. You can see where I tested at

I’m going to suppose it’s something in your graphics settings. There have been two separate issues from people that you may want to check.

  1. Background Max Framerate settings. I kind of discuss this and provide link to a Github conversation you can see at Major issue with hardware acceleration - #2 by Saoiray

  2. MFAA, which you can see at

I know that second one is completely different than your situation. But I am using it as an example to show where it’s something related to NVIDIA settings that has an impact. As to my PC, I’m using the below.


Pretty weird, I have just restored Nvidia 3D default Settings and that seems to have “magically” fixed all the Brave issues, thanks a lot.


same issue but I have a 7900XTX so no nvidia

try enable hardware acceleration and reset the custom graphic settings in the AMD settings, also make sure you have the latest drivers installed

I toggled it with reboots and latest drivers.

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