YouTube videos lag in Brave, but not in other browsers. The FPS is like 10-15

Description of the issue:
YouTube videos lag a lot especially on 4K quality. The issue is not happening on Chrome or Edge, so it’s Brave related. Disabling extensions doesn’t fix it. It’s somehow related to the GPU settings on Chrome.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Just open videos like - the framerate is very low like 10-15 FPS instead of 60.
  2. Latest version of Brave
  3. Happens on lower quality videos as well.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
I used to fix the issue by playing with Chrome’s ANGLE graphics backend settings, but it stopped working…

Is HW Acceleration enabled? also check other videos. Which GPU are you using?

Had the same issue – enabling HW acceleration did the trick for me.

HW enabling resolves it, but the issue is the ANGLE settings keep changing after PC reboot to Default causing the issue to reappear. What happens is the playback is fine and after a PC reboot it’s bad again. HW doesn’t help in this case. The main issue is the use of ANGLE graphics settings not being locked to the value the user has chosen. It’s a flaw within Chrome and Brave since Brave relies on this setting…

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See the other reply.


Cool, let us know if there is a better/more permanent decision

I also have another issue,

The whole monitor frequently goes black for 1 second. It only happens when Brave is working and it’s not related to having YouTube in the background or not - could be any tab opened. The issue happens also if I play a game and Brave is in the background. My GPU is Intel ARC A750 and I highly suspect it is related, because Intel ARC series doesn’t handle well background apps and sometimes gives visual glitches. I don’t have another GPU, so I cannot test more. Drivers are always the latest, as well as Brave.

Update: The black screen happens a lot more frequently if I chose 60 Hz refresh rate and it appears that it can happen while Brave is closed. Could be a faulty GPU or HDMi port on the GPU.

I’m also having the same problem, the videos (YouTube) are lagging, making it impossible to watch. I have already disabled all extensions and the problem persists. I was thinking about installing an old version of the browser, BUT Brave has an auto-update (and I don’t know how to disable this feature), so… here we are :man_shrugging:t5:

The simplest solution is to download the videos locally using Youtube Downloader HD - a free app downloading with maximum speed and quality :). YT throttles speeds when it detects adblockers…

Having HW acceleration disabled wil force video decode on the CPU. Even if you have a 20+ Core you would notice a perf since the CPU will be doing all the work.

  • Have the latest GPU drivers
  • Restart the browser if you update GPU drivers (just in case)
  • If you run to any issues, try a slightly older GPU driver version. In the case of software bugs.
  • Test playback in private window mode
  • Right-click on a YT video, stats for nerds will give more decode details.
  • Try restarting the PC, then re-test the same video

I have also tried lots of things, but no luck. Waiting to get any concrete solutions.
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