Videos lagging so bad in Brave browser only

Hello, just switched from Chrome to Brave yesterday for the built-in Adblock, today while watching Twitch at 720P 1080P or any video quality, i notice a HUGE delay and lag and FPS drops like crazy, it even freezes for a sec, the video gets slower like its buffering, etc. on Youtube is the same issue, even tho my buffer bar is already ahead in the video, it still lags and drops FPS and delays and freezes, this issue only happens in Brave as chrome/edge is working perfectly fine, i re-installed Brave 3 times, ran the Tron script to fix any windows viruses or issues, played around with Brave settings and checked the Hardware acceleration option many times but the issue still remains, please help me i don’t wanna uninstall on my 2nd day ._.

Brave Version: Release Notes V1.26.67 (June 22, 2021))

Edit: Just completely disabled Hardware Acceleration and the lag disappeared, but i still don’t understand why this would cause an issue? shouldn’t it help the browser not slow it down?

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Hey @Uchi depends on the GPU and drivers, which GPU do you have?

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