YouTube UI missing in android

When opening YouTube in Brave half of the time the UI is replace with a featureless blank screen but the video is shown and performances as usual.

Brave Version 1.26.74

Nokia 4.2

Android Q


I believe its in place of a video right?
Like there is supposed to be a video there and its just a blank space right?

If yes, then its because there used to be an ad there, and since its getting blocked, it leaves behind a blank space.

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No. I can watch the YT vídeo, but all of the UI, buttons, comments, and other videos thumbnails just stay black.

Can you send a Screenshot so I can take a look? I can’t see it in my phone…

I rebooted my Nokia and reinstalled everything and the issue is no longer.

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What Huawei fon? What problem?

Who are you calling china-flw fan? Wanna fight?

Heyo chill dude :confused:

He was asking which Huawei phone it was… Maybe he got confused that’s it…

My smartphone is a Nokia 4.2.

I know, maybe he got confused as I said…

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We’re good, pal. I’m ashamed and sorry because of my over reaction.


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