Everything working fine in Youtube... EXCEPT the video!

Out of the blue, all youtube videos in Brave stopped loading correctly. Upon clicking on a video, it will play as normal, with a progress bar, pause/play button, audio etc, everything except for the actual video, which displays a white screen. I’m not really into podcasts.

After coming back a few hours later, I discovered that the ability to interact with videos (comment, like, sub etc.) had also mysteriously vanished. What’s going next?

As I said, there was no clear reason for this bug starting, but I have tried a bunch of things to resolve it:
Clearing the cache
Toggling “youtube distractions”
Toggling “brave shields”
Completely reinstalling brave
None of these worked.

Summary: everything else on youtube works, other than the video meant to be displayed, which is replaced with a white screen

Brave 1.64.109, Chromium 123.0.6312.58

Android 9; Build/PPR1.180610.011

PS: I’ve noticed a couple of other people with similar problems, so its nice to know I’m not alone

(The audio is playing despite the white screen. The interactions are also missing)

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did you try to lower the resolution to 480? does that work? for me 720p up doesn’t work anymore, as you said, white screen.

Thanks for the suggestion, but changing the resolution did not resolve the issue

Really… that’s so bizarre, for me it’s really the 720+ making an issue. Please report it to the devs + play store. They’ll look at it.

I also have made a separate thread about it.

Can anyone here confirm that they’re still seeing this issue after updating to the latest build of the browser (1.64.113 at the time of writing this)?