SOLVED - YouTube video white on Android for Huawei

As mentioned on multiple topics opened in the last week from other people, I’m here to report that Youtube video in Brave on Android for Huawei/Honor/Xiaomi are showing white and blank.
Audio works well but there is no video showing.

Since last week even the autofill to landscape when put on allscreen fails, it only works with the auto rotation on.* → WITH THE NEW Android Accessibility Suite’s update this is solved

The problem is only with Brave, I’ve tried from Chrome and it works without any problem.
I’ve no other update to be installed on my phones as to any other apps.
To be precise only videos in VP9 codec are showing this problem, I can clearly see video in AVC1 codec.
Maybe something wrong about it.

Please solve it soon.
I hope I have been helpful.

** Please make this arrive to the support team.

Brave Version: Brave 1.64109, Chromium 123.0.6312.58

Mobile Device details Huawei P10 Plus

Additional Information: Android 9; HUAWEIVKY-L09

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Even with the new update of the App nothing changed.

Please someone report this to the support team.

The problem has been solved.

I simply deactivate literally anything on “Brave Shields & privacy”, then I closed Brave and re-opened it.

After then I reactivate my filter an my lists an d it finally work.