Youtube started to always show cookie consent notice and seemingly deletes cookies

I was never, ever logged into a Youtube account, but I accepted their cookies to see suggestions based on previously watched content.

This worked until a couple of days ago.

It first happened on my newer iPad in Brave. Youtube was asking to accept cookies and it seemed I was to start over with all this viral bullsh*t, Youtube suggests when it doesn’t know what to feed you. After restarting Brave it asked again and again…
On my older iPad it was working fine until today when it also started to happen there.

It’s basically as if all cookies get deleted anytime I open Youtube in Brave. I’m not aware of a setting that had changed and I even tried reinstalling the browser but it didn’t help.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.58.2 (latest from app store)

Mobile Device details
iPad Pro 11" (2021) on iPadOS 17.1.1 and iPad (5th gen) on 16.7.2

Additional details’
Brave shields are on STANDARD and I was ad free in the last days which I’m grateful for.
Safari still works (I’m also successfully using adblockers for this browser).

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Exactly the same here. All of the described from OP.
Any solution would be nice, thanks.

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