[Problem]Brave asks to accept cookies multiple times

I’ve been having a weird problem related to cookies on my Brave browser in my PC for a while. I seem to be getting the accept cookies message on many websites again and again. I accept cookies and, in a few days, when I visit the website again, I have to accept them again.

To me it seems like Brave would just delete the cookies after a while. I have tried to change the Block cookies setting from Only cross-site to Disabled, but no change. Trackers & ads blocking is set to Standard.

Is this an issue other users have encountered? I tried to google this, but all I get is news how Brave is had now disabled to cookie popups. I have disabled this feature btw, since in my experience many sites stopped working completely after this feature.

@psxgamer If you have your Shields settings enabled to block cookie consent, you shouldn’t be seeing them. If you are, then it helps to advise which website you’re having issues so the staff at Brave can review it and perhaps edit things so they won’t be shown, if possible.

In terms of it asking you again later, this could be happening if you are clearing cookies and/or site settings. Could you have it set to automatically clear or perhaps you’re manually doing it (either yourself or through another program like Avast Cleaner or CCleaner)?

Also, which version of Brave are you using?

What OS?

@Saoiray I do not wish to block the cookie consent messages, since this caused a problem before which resulted in some websites not working (since cookies did not work aparently). I dont have a problem with accepting cookies, the problem is that I have to do it all the time, several times a week for the same websites.

These sites are many, but some examples:

Brave version is currently v1.52.117 on MacoS, but the same exact problem is with my Windows PC and Android phone. I always try to have the newest version of Brave installed when it prompts a update.

By though is also that Brave is somehow deleting the cookies automatically, since Reddit for instance always logs out 1-2 times a week. But why this keeps happening and on different OS’s is beoynd me…

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