Recurring Youtube ads


I am having a strange issue with Brave Shields not working correctly with Youtube.

Normally i could close Youtube and/or Brave and come back later already logged in and never with any ads or cookie consent splash-screen.

Now when i open Youtube i see the cookie consent form and ads in a logged out state.

Once i click ‘Reject All’ on the cookie consent form to get that out of the way it is as if i am a new user, logged-out and ads are enabled.

The strange bit is that if i then click on Brave Shields next to the address bar and toggle it off and on in the drop-down-menu the page reloads and i am instantly back to (what used to be) the usual logged-in state with no ads.

I have cleared cache and removed cookies as suggested for Youtube ad malfunction elsewhere and this seems to resolve the issue for one session only then i am back to having to disable and enable Brave Shields again.

I am using Linux (Ubuntu MATE 22.10 Kinetik Kudu) and Brave Browser v1.45.123

If anyone knows how i can sort this out and get it back to always auto-logging-in with no ads i’d really appreciate some advice.


Umm. @fanboynz please help. Thanks

Seems to be 2 different things, not sure what ads has to do with cookie consents. Anyways,

Can’t stop the youtube cookie consent form, without it causing issues. (Same with Facebook and Instagram).

Clearing the cookies/cache, then relogin into youtube will fix most youtube ads.

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Thanks so much @fanboynz

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