YouTube not loading currently on Android version of Brave

I’m currently experiencing difficulties having YouTube load efficiently on the mobile version of Brave for Android. I have to run it with the shields down, so I have to see the ads. I know I saw something earlier about checking the components to see if everything is updated but I don’t know how to do that on my phone.

I know this is probably already been resolved but I really don’t know how to check my Brave components on my phone

I have Brave Version 1.61.109

I appreciate the help, I know it’s probably an easy fix, but I’m still in the dark here. Thank you for your time.

Go to Settings, then Brave Shields & Priacy, then from there find Content Filtering. Once you’re in Content Filtering, disable EasyList Cookie. It’s a workaround solution. Refer to this post for more info: Brave with the shield up makes most web pages just a wall of text and makes Youtube unusable - #24 by Shikaternia

I figured it out, thank you, I had to remove easycookies or something lol

Its working again you can turn it back on

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Wait, real quick though, how do I view the settings? Do I do that with brave://adblock? I’m not sure where to view these settings that you’re speaking of. I did solve my problem however, but I just want to know how to do this in the future. Again, I’m using this on the Android app. This is a Samsung phone.

Can confirm on my end. You can turn on EasyList Cookie again. Idk wtf happened to that filter that it literally broke websites, but it seems to be fine now.

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Just go to Brave Shields & Privacy in the Settings. That’s where things like blocking ads and cookies exist.

Yeah thats it. Or you can go to settings->shield->content blocking

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