Brave Shields has suddenly broke all websites on Android

Description of the issue:

Brave Shields suddenly breaks all websites on Android. Any website I choose to visit with Brave Shield turned on in default settings either won’t load or shows the website broken. If I turn off Brave Shields, websites load normally.

I tested it on two android devices and also on Brave Nightly. Same problem.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Turn on Brave Shields
  2. Load any website

Expected result:

Websites load normally

Brave Version


Mobile Device details

Samsung Galaxy A54 - Android 13
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - Android 13


Curentlly having the same issue


Seeing another post, apparently it’s a problem with ‘‘EasyList Cookie’’ in the content filter list. Type ‘‘brave://adblock’’ in the address bar and disable it

It’s not exactly a fix, but a workaround for now.

How do you access the content filter list? I have Brave running on my Android phone too, I’m also trying to check the components to see if they are updated but I don’t know how to access that either.

I’m using a Samsung A42 5G phone

I figured it out, nvm, but thank you

Turn it back on its fixed

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Please try to Search Before Posting in the future. There were a lot of people creating topics all on this same issue.

And just FYI, this was due to an adblock filter issue. It was resolved fairly quickly. You shouldn’t be having issues. If you are, go update everything at brave://components

Anyway, thanks for sharing and hopefully it’s all resolved for you.

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