Youtube detecting ad blockers and locking player

YouTube is detecting brave ad blocking and shutting down the player. the screen shot is of the player itself and not the usual pop up.

Brave Version 1.58.137 Chromium: 117.0.5938.153


Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1575

Update brave://components ->
Brave Ad Block Resources Library - Version: 1.0.69
Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1577 (or better)
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I think this works, but the lock is still in place. if i go to chrome and use ad block plus i can watch videos with no ads and no warnings. it might be an IP + browser check they are doing. ill try to test this with a VPN tomorrow ti see if i can fix it.

Unsure how to “unlock”, would be server side

So from testing:

using a VPN does not resolve
using chrome with Ad block plus (same IP, same machine, same youtube account) while blocking ads, youtube works fine

I dont think this is a brave issue any longer. its fine to close out the thread.

That makes absolutely no sense. You tried another browser, the adblocker worked, so you think THIS browser (Brave), on which the issue persist, isn’t the problem anymore?

Yes, this browser IS the problem. Somehow Youtube detects its adblock feature. It needs fixing ASAP.


sorry i missed one point. no account logged in on brave does work.

I have one trick to avoid ad detection, which may be a little bit of an annoying task. Here is what I found :
1 . Keep open the youtube in the main window with an account signed in, an adblocker removed,
2. Open a private window,
3. Copy the link of the video which you want to see from the main window, and enjoy without ads!

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I have tried the same, on chrome with adblock, youtube works perfectly.
Trying on brave with shields up, and getting the message.

Brave needs an update


I actually got flagged on YouTube tonight for the first time using brave as well for having a Ad Blocker enabled. It has been flawless for me up until this point.

I did forget to add that I just did update some components so I will see how it goes from here. I was slightly behind. Not bad though.

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The issue is with brave,s shield. The devs need to add a custom shield setting that can be saved permanently. I use ublock origin aswell so disabling the shield on youtube wouldnt have any effect on adverts. they are still blocked.


We’re in sync with the changes from uBO. When a new youtube bait is loaded we’re updated within a few hours. Many of the rules being shown via social media aren’t useful anymore and are redundant and will create anti-adblock warnings.

I just re-checked and we’re still blocking the youtube ads, no additioanal filters needed. Not to say this won’t change.

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I have Brave 1.57.2 ( - latest version on App Store, on iPadOS 16.7 . I’m still getting the youtube “adblockers are not allowed” popup. Using brave://components doesn’t work on iPad. Is there a way to update the adblock rules in this version to keep ahead of this nonsense? Thanks.

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I was having the same issue.
Cleared my cache and I can enjoy once more youtube!


Force update of Brave Ad Block First Party Filters - Version: 1.0.44 in brave://components.

Will fix it

This doesn’t work on iOS. How do we force update on that version of Brave?

Youtube is unusable now. I’ve boycotted them until they change their ways, or the adblockers find a real solution.

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It has occurred to me that refreshing my page bypasses the Youtube ad, both on my phone and on my laptop.

I have version Brave Ad Block First Party Filters - Version: 1.0.45 and the problem still continue.

Does adding uBO Annoyances in brave://adblock help? (then refresh YT)