Bloxy's Bug Report #1: Youtube's ad blocker popup is happening again

I’m using the latest version of brave and I have installed every single update to the brave adblocker. I’m encountering the ad block popup issue on youtube which is obviously a stretch for youtube to even do this since it will turn off many people from even using the site. There’s way too many scams on youtube to not a use an adblocker. The ads are really intrusive so I don’t want to use youtube without blocking them and it’s also part of internet hygiene stated by the US Government. Youtube is technically breaking the law by doing this. Brave team, can you do an update fixing this?

Check in private window mode, no extensions enabled

Should be fixed

Taken from the post we made about this earlier:

[…] this will likely be an ongoing battle with Youtube and these prompts may bypass our fixes from time to time. We will do our best to stay on top of these changes to the best of our abilities and continue to give our users the ad-free browsing experience they’ve come to expect from our browser.

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