Browser no Longer Blocking Youtube Ads

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I have been using Brave since 2021 and it has successfully blocked all Youtube ads. Starting yesterday, Youtube starting to show me every possible ad it could. I have received pre-roll ads, ads during the video, and ads on the side of the video. I tried to solve the problem myself but it ends up impacting the browser and signing me out of my Google accounts. I turned my computer on and off again, made sure I had the latest version of Brave installed, cleared all my cookies, blocked cookies from Youtube (which ended up bricking the site and showing the Youtube “oops” message whenever I signed in), and changed my setting to block ads agressively. I would like to know how to make sure Youtube blocks ads:

The Issue continued to persist even with default and agressive ad blocking settings

Yes, the site functions as expected when shield are turned off

Yes, when you tell the site to block scripts it breaks, but otherwise the site runs normally with the addition of annoying ads

The site functions with ads using chrome

v1.49.132 is th version of Brave I am on

Try clearing the cookies & cache in brave://settings/clearBrowserData (will need to re-sign in), then restart browser.

Thank you for your help fanboynz,
I cleared my browser data and cookies, but this still did not work. I tried Brave on other websites and realized ads also popped up. On every website, when I selected the Brave icon on the right side of the search bar, I realized Brave was not blocking a single cookie or even popup ad. I decided to delete Brave off my computer and redownload it. I also added the free AdBlock extension off the Chrome webstore. The combination of redowloading and the Adblocker made Brave go back to how it was originally and block all cookies and ads. I assume that this was a glitch where Brave temporarily stopped blocking ads.

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