Youtube has a lot of lag

Hi guys, how are you? first post here, I’m having serious problems with youtube. I can’t watch a video normally, it looks like the internet from the year 98 crashing every 10-20 seconds.

I tried to remove the VPN and it works the same, clean cookies and cache and it works the same, and when I try everything the same way in chrome it works literally perfect. Any ideas?

@Aman_M @Saoiray @rodrige Please help! Thanks!


Till then try the below steps as well →

  • Test in private window mode, no extensions.

  • Check ≡ → more tools → Task Manager to see which tabs/extenstions is using which resources.

  • Re-enable Hardware acceleration (if its disabled).

  • Disable other browsers while testing

  • Clear the cookies/cache in brave://settings/clearBrowserData and restart the browser (and relogin into youtube)

  • Finally test in a clean Brave profile

Hello smartyaadi! I did all these steps but still the same thing happens. :frowning:

I was checking and the same thing happens to me with any type of video platform that I open, the video is reloaded every 10-20 seconds

@Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige @Chocoholic please help. thanks guys!

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If you’ve tried everything @SmartyAadi suggested, including testing in a new profile, and the problem is still occurring, then you probably need to provide more information so a community member and/or Brave support can help troubleshoot.

Please update your post with the following information:

  1. Brave and OS version found at brave://version
  2. Graphics card you are using
  3. Confirm your OS and drivers are all updated to the latest versions
  4. Are you getting any crash reports or error messages? Please check brave://crashes and post any crash ids. Also, enable Automatically send diagnostic reports at brave://settings/privacy if it is toggled off.
  5. Use devtools and see if any errors are generated after a crash in devtools

Please confirm you have tried the following and problem is still occurring:

  1. Cleared history/cache for all time in the Advanced tab at brave://settings/clearBrowserData
  2. Disabled all extensions and problem also occurred in new private window
  3. Problem still occurs in a new profile
  4. Problem occurs whether hardware acceleration is enabled or disabled.

Edit: And welcome to the community @fdst! I was all business and just forgot to say welcome. I do hope the cause of your issue can be found and fixed quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:


hello @Chocoholic @SmartyAadi Thanks for your help, I confirm that I did what the other colleague asked me but it didn’t work, I made a new profile and without adding anything to it, neither extensions nor in private it works fine, everything with the new profile works the same.

I do not receive messages but I leave you a capture of the crash as you requested, and the version. I really don’t know what to do and thanks for the welcome message

Brave 1.44.105 Chromium: 106.0.5249.91 (Build oficial) (64 bits)
Revisión fa96d5f07b1177d1bf5009f647a5b8c629762157-refs/branch-heads/5249@{#707}
Sistema operativo Windows 11 Version 21H2 (Build 22000.978)
JavaScript V8

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Tagging @Mattches

In the meantime, I am still not clear if the problem occurs in a new profile or not. Can you please clarify?

As for the crash report ids, I only read/write English, but it looks like only one is fairly recent and all the rest are older. You need to go ahead and send the crash reports to get the crash id. From what is displayed, it appears crash reporting is not enabled in settings. You can enable crash reporting at brave://settings/privacy.


Stepping back, please check that the following settings are enabled.

  1. Widevine at brave://settings/extensions
  2. Sites can play protected content and Sites can use identifiers to play protected content at brave://settings/content/protectedContent

Also, please provide or confirm the following. There are tons of step-by-step articles on the web if you need more detailed help locating this information.

  1. Graphics card using. For example, AMD or Nvidia. I don’t know about win11, but on win10 this information can be found in the Systems Settings About page or the Device Manager. Just copy/paste the information
  2. Have you verified your OS and drivers are up-to-date? You can check and update both in System Updates or individually in Device Manager.

Finally, just try rebooting your computer if you haven’t recently. There may be something hanging around that is interfering.

Please post an update. The above information will probably help Brave support troubleshoot your issue. Hopefully, this is something simple that we are overlooking!


Hello, I go by parts:

  1. in the new profile, everything works just as bad. Even without extensions, without tabs that consume ram, etc etc. It works the same.
  2. Fault reporting is active
  3. Widevine is active
  4. sites can play is ok
  5. My graphic is NVIDIA RXT 3050 laptop.
  6. All drivers and windows recently updated, I kept testing in chrome and any video works perfectly. How to rule out that it is something from the pc
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Thank-you for the update! Were you able to get the recent crash ids and can you post those please.

You may want to check the Brave task manager and see if anything there can provide insight. Hamburger menu → More tools → Task manager

The only other troubleshooting step that might help support would be to install Brave Beta and/or Nightly to see if the problem occurs in those versions. I really don’t have any suggestions for fixing your issue that haven’t already been posted.

Hopefully @Mattches can provide additional insight.

This definitely does seem like a hardware acceleration issue — but if you’ve tried disabling it already and it had no effect then it must not be. You would also expect to see the same behavior in Chrome if it were but it appears to be working just fine in Chrome for you.

Can you please try the following?

  1. Visit
  2. Start streaming some video content
  3. Open the developer tools window (Menu --> More tools —> Developer tools)
  4. Select the Console tab in the Developer tools window
  5. Allow the video to play until you see the lag and/or refresh occur a couple of times
  6. Take a screenshot of all the console output you see in the Developer tools window

Please share the screenshot(s) taken above so we can get a closer look at what is going on when you visit these sites.

Thank you

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I’ve been upgrading to the latest driver manually and it seems to be doing much better. I’m going to be testing it for a few days and if I have any problem I’ll reactivate the thread. Thank you guys

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