Video and Streams keep lagging on brave

Hello, I am having issues with videos with brave. This involves Twitch and youtube that i know of. What happens is the video starts to lag, almost like buffering. I have 1Gb internet. And the issue dissapears on other browsers. So i the issue is probably on brave’s side. I first created a new profile, and the issue dissapeared for like 1 hour. I cant keep creating new profiles every hour. I disabled hardware acceleration and the issue does not dissapear. I read on other treads with the same problem as mine and the moderators brushed it of as hardware issue and closed the thread. I really dont think is a harware issue. I have a Dell XPS 14 from 2020 with i7 10th gen 16gb and 1650 TI. And on other browsers this issue is non-existent. I cleaned everything, i reseted brave configurations, and cleared chache multiple times.

This always happens when i have twitch and youtube open at the same time. the youtube buffer is loaded but the video just stops, plays for one second and stops again. as for the stream is almost the same. What i would do to replicate the issue is open two brave windows and play twitch and a youtube video at the same time.

This starded happening in the last two or three updates, i was very happy with brave and even recomended it, but i cant do it anymore. Its just unusable since this updates.

Versão 1.31.87 Chromium: 95.0.4638.54 (Compilação oficial) (64 bits)


Try in private window mode, no extensions. Also confirm it’s using the 1060 for GPU acceleration (in the windows settings)

I tried using private window with no extensions, but it does the same thing :(. I checked the windows setting of harware acceleration. It wasn’t activated, I turned it on but it continues to lag. Right click, stats for nerds. (switch between 720p and 1080p)

Monitor Connection speed, buffer health. Also use ethernet, and not wifi,

Totally agree with everything you said @morcelar Exactly the same problem here, lagging on Youtube and Twitch (a bit more on Twitch) ! I have a big config, 32 gigs ram, AMD 3800X, 5700XT, SSD m.2.
And a great internet connection.
No lags on Edge for example…

I checked the stats, but it kept the connection speed at around 800Mb/s and the buffer health always high. But for some reason the video lags when i have another window of twitch open on the other monitor.

Yeah, that was the first browser i tried with the extensions i had on brave, and it ran the videos and the streams with no problem.

Same here, it’s usually when I have two Twitch tabs that I display in parallel on my screen. It starts to bug very quickly when I do, and it even freezes the image sometimes. I did the same tests for several hours with Edge and there is no problem.

This also happens to me but it’s with other streaming services as well, such as live streams on Paramount+ and ESPN+. I’ve done the hardware acceleration on and off, change the quality and private browser BS with the same result every time, I have a 1660ti with a 10th gen i7. Also, the problem goes away on other browsers, even Microsoft Edge streams fine LOL

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Like all threads involving this issue, its simply brushed of and not resolved. At least feedback would be nice. :confused:


Ive noticed this same issue right around the time of your post, twitch and youtube as well. I can pause one and the other will start to play normally. Changing stream quality doesn’t matter, definitely not my internet or extensions, I’m not buying these excuses.

In fact I can start chrome with the same extensions and play the same stream and video with no issue while brave is still lagging to play both.

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I noticed something new about this bug, or what this probably is a really badly implemented feature.
You don’t actually need to play two videos, you can recreate this issue like this.
Play any twitch/youtube video on monitor 1. Open a video on monitor 2 but don’t play it, video on 1 will start to lag, open a tab on monitor 2 and switch to it, video on 1 plays normally again.

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With the latetest version [Version 1.32.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (64 bits)], it seems to be better on my side, what about you guys !?

i am having the same problem, i tried twitch with extensions on firefox and it is fine there. i thought reinstalling would help but didnt try it yet.

also, it works fine when my laptop is plugged in.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration in
Settings → Additional Settings → System → Hardware Acceleration
seems to have resolved the issue for me.

Hi and welcome to Community :smiley:

Apologies for the inconvenience. I will investigate further what this issue might be.


Can confirm that this is an issue for me as well, on both my laptop and desktop. Very easy to replicate for me on both machines, for instance having YouTube playing in one window, and then opening another site (even had it happen with the BBC website before) will cause YouTube to lag and buffer constantly, closing the tab that isn’t YouTube will stop the lag completely.

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I am having the exact same issue my internet is fast there is no hardware problem. I love brave as a browser and its feature but I am at the point of leaving it. `Everything works fine on chrome, edge,etc. Its only brave .

Brothers of Pc master race, i have finally found the solution to your worries.
reset all the settings that you have made back to normal, on windows settings type in:
“graphics settings”-
set “desktop apps”-
click “browse”-
add the brave browse(Find the application, must be the one in c-drive)-
after adding the brave to graphics settings:
click: options-
set: high performance.

try it lads and send in your replies.

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I tried setting the app to High Performance and still get stuttering when I have two videos open.

1080 Ti, 32GB RAM, Ryzen 7 3700X, and 1Gig Internet hardwired