YouTube on Brave Causes Computer to Freeze

Have YouTube on in background in Brave Browser. Freezes computer.

Often seems like it has to do with video queuing next video in YouTube (i.e. end of video). Also seems to be related to sleep/screen saver activities on MS.

Requires hard/button reboot to remove. Looked at another thread on this topic here. Helpdesk told the person to change Hardware Acceleration. When other user’s PC went to sleep overnight, problem came back. Previous person did not respond after that.

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Yeah I’ve been having this same issue plus others on brave recently found no fix to any one of them seemed to be my internet you can try testing a vpn and see if that fixes anything

Have had the same problem with multiple VPNs and without a VPN applied. Seems to eliminate that as the possible cause.

Thanks for reaching out.
I do this daily (have YT running in the background while I work or user other applications, browser windows, etc) without any issue. Works on both macOS and Windows systems.

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, can you please try disabling them (all of them ideally, for testing purposes) then test again to see if the issue still occurs.

They are all disabled. Will switch back over to YT on Brave.

i noticed for me its only when the video starts and if i skip slightly through the video the issue doesnt happen

With respect, sir; how it runs on your computer is only marginally relevant as to whether or not it is stable on others’ computers. And then, only if we can figure out how the setups are different. Unless your goal is to only have Brave (eventually) on your computer. Which is fine. I assume that you’re trying to give me hope that there is a setup on Brave that doesn’t crash. That said when a person calls product support and the person says, “Sir, you’re the problem”, that’s not really helpful. Unless you just want people to ditch your product. Which might be a viable strategy to get rid of problem customers. It will be interesting to see how that marketing strategy pans out.

22 hours later. There are only six tabs open on Brave when it crashed. There are 14 “instances” running in the Task Manager, which locked up. That’s not “right”. Bad code. It was chewing 25% of CPU usage. And this is a super high-end computer. So I could run six full-graphics games at a time and not chew up that much CPU.

So something is way wrong with the browser code. Will leave here and not uninstall just yet because I believe in what you’re doing. Hopefully that gives you a place to start looking for what’s messed up. But you have background processes running that are messing things up.

Locked up 65 minutes into the video. Not at the beginning. Although, I have seen that “beginnings” have a problem. It is possible it is related to the advertisement popup videos that play on YouTube?

I’ve seen issues similar to this get resolved instantly due to a faulty or incompatible extension (these do get reported to the team) quite often, so it is not a stretch to check to see if this particular issue is being caused by an extension.

Further, since I cannot reproduce it, nor do I see any influx in reports of this issue from other users (which we do typically see when we have major bugs with a site as popular/frequently used as Youtube) it is not unreasonable to assume that the issue lies somewhere within your specific browser and/or system.

Next, you might check to see if Hardware Acceleration is enabled in your browser settings — if it is, try disabling it. If not, try enabling it and test to see if you get the same results. I have pinged some of our devs to ask if they can reproduce or have any ideas on what else might be causing this issue. Until then, let me know what you find out regarding HWA.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir. I don’t think any of your suggestions were unreasonable. And I will follow and try your advice. As a coder, I am familiar with the frustration of not being able to reproduce it. So I appreciate your suggestions and will try them. Will keep you posted.

I am also a customer service person. While I recognize that the customer is not always right, it may be worth considering offering that you’ll get a more positive feedback if you don’t imply that the problem is that the customer is responsible. They’re already primed to spread negative feedback on your product. While they’re not always right, the customer is always “The Customer”. To what is “reasonable” may not be a positive marketing move.

But I’m not your mom or your coach. So do what you want.

Will keep this thread open and update you as I try to break it by using it. I’m not the only one. And it is not known how many didn’t look for help and instead just gave up. So…do what you want with that consideration for product development, but let’s keep working on it together to make it go away. It’s enough of a problem to come up in a search and bring me here.

Cheers. Thanks for the help.strong text

I have turned off acceleration. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for the suggestions. I want your product to succeed as much as you do. Moreover, I’m impressed that I have this venue for customer service. Try getting ahold of anyone at Google to talk about problems with Chrome!

Kudos to you.

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Appreciate the kind words — yes please keep us updated on the issue.

Chrome has extremely reactive support forums to. Maybe because they have 500 times more people working on it.

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