YouTube constantly freezes

Hello there
I love this latest build 0.56 it has extensions and everything i need
Except i have a little problem
YouTube freezes from time to time in every single video.
And strangely i can’t even play videos on

These issue are usually common in Tor but really shouldn’t be in normal browsing mode.

One other thing @LInuxUser you should have followed the template, not necessarily completing everything but at least all the necessities such as About Brave info and next to it the OS/distro and tagging ‘Linux’ and additional tags in the box to the right.

In most cases it’s not necessary check what I did here - Browser starting to take much longer to fully load

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There does however seem to be some merit though @Mattches because it normal browsing mode I’ve often noticed that I have to fresh the page just to play the video and it works fine after that.

Personally, I’ve found three extra issues pertaining to Brave normal browsing on YT tested with ‘Ask when sites want to autopplay media’ on and off.

  1. being the above which usually works fine after refresh

  2. when you load the YT on fresh start i.e haven’t used it that day and clean browser data often, clicking on a video will sometimes just show the red YT icon in the centre of the portal VT but not play anything

  3. The video frame seem to shrink sometimes when a VT is playing and you can see the video is like a square

There isn’t a Youtube specific webcompat issue in Github @Mattches, do you think you can log an issue for it if you think it’s necessary.

@Numpty thanks for expanding.
I’m certainly willing to log one, but I’m going to hold off for a bit for a couple reasons:

  1. If this is fairly wide-spread (any issues mentioned in this thread) then it should be logged, but I’ll need a bit more confirmation considering that I’ve not heard of this before now (nor encountered it myself).

  2. More importantly, we have an update coming out soon (next week I believe, I’ll double check) that address some key issues surrounding site settings/permissions and global Shields and the problems you both are having may get fixed for free in this update.

I’ll leave this thread open for now - if either of you see a similar issue, reach out and point them to this thread so we can easily track it.

That said, @LInuxUser, the peertube issue is quite interesting. Not sure I’ve ever encountered this for any site, honestly. Tested on my end:

Rough STR

  1. Navigated to peertube and attempted to stream any video (I used this one, just so we’re on the same page)
  2. Video would not play nor would the initial screen (that has the button to initiate playback) load.
  3. Clicking on the video does initiate playback regardless but…
  4. Video attempts to load infinitely - displays spinning buffer wheel, no video or image visible.

Shields results:

  • Toggling any/all Shields has no effect.
  • Shields down entirely has no effect
  • Changing any/all Global Shields has no effect
  • Site uses Angular so blocking scripts breaks everything
  • Shields reads no trackers, ads, FP, or cookies being blocked

Tested on release, beta, and dev. - same results all around. Console errors are conflicting but point to handler errors. No errors shown on webpage itself though.

Very strange. I’ve already reached out to the team about this. There’s a decent chance that this too will be fixed in the upcoming update but given that I’ve never seen this happen before (there’s always some obvious cause or some warning thrown that clues us in or, majority of the time, fiddling with Shields fixes the problem) I think it’s necessary to reach out.

Will log this as well if the team is unsure of what may be happening.
Thank you both for reporting. I’ll be back with more info when available.

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