Full screen youtube freezes

Hello everybody, can you help please with a problem, and I didn’t found any solution here, I did try to find answer here and did a lot of googling… There was same question (example), but not answer here: Full-screen video glitching

Problem is, that when I switch any video in youtube to full screen, and it doesn’t matter if it is regular or privacy mode, my pc freezes for moment (once a press (in that lag) such a lot of keys, that my pc completely stuck), all other chronium browsers (i tested edge, vivaldi, before opera->replaced with vivaldi) works without any problems, so I believe it’s problem regarded to Brave (disable hw acceleration didn’t help too)… I did record with my phone what happens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMMxu7-EC_A
Its 8 minuts long video, but problems starts to appear almost from beginning of that video.

I did mem test ± 4 hours, no problems, prime95 ok, did Superposition benchmark - ok, occt - ok, games from quake 2 to cyberpunk 2077 no problems, temperature - no problems…
My PC:
Ryzen 5600X, 2x8GB 3600MHz CL17, RX 6700 XT, 1x 1TB nvme ssd, 2x 1TB sata ssd, 2x hdd…
This happens from beginning from moment I first time install Brave, so it happens few months, and of course I have auto updated Brave many times…

Sorry for my bad english and I hope we will find a solution, if you want, I can test prerelease for you, if it will not kill my pc of course :smiley:


Thanks for the detailed report.

Definitely strange behavior. Doesn’t look like you have any extensions installed either. I’m going to ask a few devs to see what other causes there might be here. In the meantime, can you go to brave://gpu, download the report to a file share it with me in the DM I just sent you?

Additionally, would you mind downloading and testing the Beta build of the browser and tell me if you see the same behavior?

PM sent, with report as links, because I’m new user :wink:

And thx a lot! I didn’t expect such a quick answer :slight_smile:


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