Brave browser needs to be optimized

I’ve recently installed the Brave browser. My main concern involves optimization. While watching streaming videos, I notice the browser buffers a lot. At the moment, Google’s Chrome browser plays streaming videos much smoother and with little to no buffering.

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Which videos? Try testing in private window mode. Also ensure Hardware Acceleration is enabled.

Usually videos on YouTube and Twitch live streaming. Hardware acceleration was enabled. I’ll try again.

Test the perfomance of this, switch between the various video resolutions. 1440p/4k will need more GPU decode resources for example.

Got a Nvidia 2080Super here, was able to play back the content without issue

That video played smoothly. Maybe there was an issue with my internet provider when I first tried it. I prefer Brave considering that it skips ads so I don’t have to subscribe to YouTube. My brother uses Brave and watches Hulu (with ads subscription) but never sees an ad while he watches. Pretty much a game changer for me. Thanks for your support. Five stars *****

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