Youtube asking me to stop blocking adds

Hi all!
Happy Brave user since day one, maybe day two.
Ofcourse the build in add blocker is amazing!
But now i get message’s from Youtube to stop blocking their add’s. Or else… ?
What to do? stop blocking their adds? Or can i keep using Brave’s add blocker without risking to loose my account.

Thanks already!

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Thank you for your quick and fast reply! Also this seems to have solved the issue. Thank you.

Again YouTube is warning me to stop using an addblocker. Don’t want to loose my account!! I keep updating the brave://components any other advice or is this a race between Brave and Google?

Nothing is changed here, re-checked a few videos. Still good with default shields, no need to update brave://components

but it isnt working, even with shields down. updating components did not help.
Screenshot 2023-10-09 182414


yes i have the same. thanks for adding your information!

hi happened to me so i thought google and youtube are the same company so i signed out of google account now youtube works as it does not recognize who i am plus it learns them to leave things alone and stop being greedy


ad blockers on you tube solved just sign out of google. Go on youtube and off you go since google and youtube are the same company they recognise you when you are signed in to google and stop you watching with an ad blocker what is the point of you having an ad blocker if you cannot block ads

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even with shields down.

This means it’s not a Brave issue but something is interferring with on your environment. Disable ALL browser extensions and check if your anti-virus has ad-blocker (if it does, turn it off).

Blockquote This means it’s not a Brave issue but something is interferring with on your environment.

No, There are 2 other possibilities:
A) YT is checking for Brave browser specifically to trigger the popup/content block - in other words if you’re using brave, you get blocked - period.
B) Brave isn’t respecting user indication to disable ad-block for the site, even with full shields down

I’ve gone from shields up but ads enabled, to full shields down, deleted site data & relogged, & updated all the brave ad blocker components… I’m still getting the popup. Not ALL the time, only some of the time, & not the black screen version but one which lets me X-out & continue to watch the video (for now)… which would lead me to guess YT displays the message when it TRIES to show an ad & can’t… which in turn leads me to speculate that root cause is in fact option B above.

Which, if true, is frankly REALLY SUCKY on Brave’s part… I don’t like the implied big-brothery attitude of giving me a button which supposedly does a thing but actually doesn’t because the button makers think they know better than me for ‘my protection’. And as a web developer I very much can’t trust a browser doing that kind of dynamic content control with no indication it’s doing so, & no way to turn it off.

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If they were targeting brave. Enabling shields and add as a custom rule in brave://adblock

Do you have any other extensions? For example, I had people who found out that Enhancer for YouTube was being used by a lot of people and was triggering the warning.

No, and I believe I’m qualified to deny as one of those who analyze and counter Youtube anti adblock. No Brave-specific code in their script.

Ok i am so sorry guys i found and solved MY problem.
As people suggested before, is there another ‘ad blocker’ of any form? there was!
Can explain how it got there but let’s keep it at that Brave is working again and no issues with YT anymore.

Thanks for all your help and sorry for my error.


I see you posting the same thing on every post about this, and this doesn’t work, and hasn’t ever worked since the first day youtube started doing this, I check that is latest every time, and doesn’t work at all against this.

why is this ever necessary? shouldn’t the newest browser version have the newest components?

@lowner it updates daily, sometimes multiple times per day. But it kind of randomly pings and downloads the new components. Telling people to go there and check for updates is just expediting the process, especially if the “fix” had just been implemented.

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Discussion to update more often.

I mean I got that pop up too but on Brave, it shows me as not signed on on Youtube but I still got that pop up. Of course Youtube being Youtube, they either gave me the option to report of this is false or pay for premium. Any price to pay for no ads including like 15 to 16 dollars a month just to music uninterrupted is ridiculous to me. Ever since someone on Facebook suggested this browser, it has been a blessing for me and I don’t want to give that up. However, I don’t want my google account somehow getting suspended even while I’m always signed out as I’m watching Youtube through an adblocker. What do y’all think?

well i am on google chrome and i have sometimes been signed out of google for 6 months and been on youtube and i have never had trouble i sign in and out when i like