Your piece of sh1t automated system flagged me, again

Not that I care much, since in the past few months the rewards have been so far and apart that even if BAT was worth more than the dust on my desk it wouldn’t amount to a coffee; whatever system you use, it SUCKS.

Well, guessing you know the drill then. If you need help, create a Rewards Support Ticket.

And, just for fun, let me ask:

  • Do you use a VPN or Proxy?

  • Do you use any type of macro or automation on your device?

  • Do you use a virtual machine or custom OS?

  • Do you or others use your device more than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week? (No, the hours a day is not a legit threshold, but it’s just helping paint a picture)

  • Have you gone into brave-browser folders and modified anything?

  • Ever cloned your browser by copying the brave-browser folder or any files within it and moved it to another device/browser?

  • Are there a large amount of devices running Brave that are connected to your router/network?

  • Do you spam open New Tab and Brave News to try to maximize Rewards earnings?

Hi @kylothow, following up directly now.

Hi @steeven . When you are done helping kylothow, can you take a look at my ticket: 173652. TIA!

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