Account Flagged; Ticket Submitted but No Response (Ticket #: 202966)

Was automatically logged out of Gemini and upon logging in was told that my account was automatically flagged. Something along the lines of “this may be reverted”. I went ahead and submitted a support ticket about this the 24th and it’s the 29th now. I still have not received a response? I just hope I won’t be left on read, kindly give me a response at least.

My operating system is Windows 10, and my Brave Version is 1.52.129

My Brave Rewards used to be verified. According to the message, I guess it’s not anymore.

I can’t recall the exact date of starting to use Brave. About 6-8 months ago.

I have been getting paid out by Brave multiple months in a row since using it.

Briefly I used a VPN recently to unblock a download/website. This was not for more than 1 hour and was initially an Australia VPN and then US. Subsequently I disconnected and uninstalled the VPN from my PC completely. Just needed to unblock one website that was IP restricting me for “too much bandwidth”.

I turned off Auto-contribute.

posting the ticket number is the best chance to get it looked at.


So far they’ve asked me for my wallet address. Patiently waiting and hoping for the best.

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@Evan123 could you have a look?
Thanks so much!

I would like to clarify that, Chriscat, Brave rewards project manager, recently mentioned that using a VPN alone won’t flag your account. Was in the Community call at

Yep, I did see that after the fact but no harm in clarifying for other viewers of this post.

That’s great.
BTW, since support is usually inactive on weekends, it may take some more time for someone to get back to you. Thanks

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Will the balance just stay there till my account gets, hopefully, unbanned?


@cello305 if your account is reinstated, they’ll push that payment through in most likelihood.


And that’s exactly what ended up happening. Thanks again!!

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