Done with Rewards

With this change, I definitely think I’m done with Brave Rewards altogether. I was willing to give this change to Rewards a fair chance but nah, it’s not for me. I don’t want to tie my BAT to a custodial wallet. I wasn’t interested in cashing out but not having the option to potentially do that in the future without tying myself to a ridiculous custodial wallet is not cool. I kept Rewards on mostly to support Brave and creators but I don’t have any real motivation to do that when I can’t even really direct or control my BAT contributions. Plus, apparently I’ve been flagged again due to my VPN usage. So yeah, bad move on Brave’s end. A great feature squandered.


You can keep helping creators even if you cannot earn. You will still get ads but you won’t get them as vBAT. The rewards you get for ads will be distributed by Brave automatically.

Yes, but it seems to only work via auto-contribute, which I don’t want to do. Moreover, even if that weren’t the case, they keep flagging me so I can’t collect my earned BAT, all apparently because I use Proton VPN which automatically likes to connect to a server in the Netherlands (for whatever reason), meaning I sometimes forget to manually switch it to a US server.

So yeah, between that and this ridiculous change to custodial wallets, I just don’t have any interest in using Rewards anymore. The ads are annoying but I dealt with them to support Brave and have the ability to tip verified creators but neither work for me so I see no reason to keep it enabled anymore.


Hi @lorewright sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with Brave Rewards.

If you wish for us to look into your Brave Rewards Profile, could you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.


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Done with it as well. I really liked the concept but the implementation by the devs is just ridiculous.

Please tell me one thing: I live in an unsupported region and can’t connect to a wallet. Why does it seem to be such a problem for you devs to just keep my vBats in my browser until AFTER registration is available in my region? Why do you need to terminate it just now as there are so many unsupported regions in the exact same moment? And why will I not be able to control anymore where my earnings are going? I mean you could still terminate the payout of vBats in regions where there is an option for registration but at the same time still keep the option to select whom to donate these vBats.

Is this how you treat your customers? Smells to high heaven like a ponzi scam!

If someone set up a project of a different and better browser with the goal of eliminating this browser here from the market I’d donate every single of my vBats to them before brave devs are going to steal it in April!

Have a nice day


@PonziScam you should learn about ponzi scams. For it to be ponzi, it requires you take money from investors. You invested no money in this. Therefore can’t be ponzi.

Also have to advise that the TOS you agreed to also stated you have no cash value in BAT and that there is risk of support being lost and all. You agreed to that in your understanding and chose to participate.


Please don’t tell me what I should do! This is again definitely not the way to treat dissatisfied customers!

There are more ways to do some kind of scam that are similar to a ponzi scheme but have no real name. If you think a little bit about it, maybe you can figure it out on your own, what MIGHT be happening here in the background. I didn’t say that I know for sure that this is the case though.

And finally, I don’t care what TOS I agreed to. This is not the way to treat your customers. End of story!

Actually, it would be very similar if the publisher of an online game just deleted my account along with every achievement I made in the game without me making any violation of the terms and then after I complain they’d just tell me that I agreed to it in the TOS that they CAN do that. Yeah nice, thank you very much!


Hey dude! But we can still use the browser for free.

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you cant do anything about it but to follow unless they do something about it before April comes which is unlikely. Once April comes all those BAT have no value unless donated or transferred into a wallet. On my side, it really hurts since I’ve been saving for a year now and waiting for them to open up PH for registration. If they just announce the move they’re doing earlier during 2022 i would have time to adjust and accept what would happen eventually but for now its not really great to start 2023 with that update

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Thanks, I’ll file a ticket just to see if something can be done. Even so, I will probably just stop using it since I won’t have control over whom I tip nor will I have the option to eventually cash out if I decide I want to (which I’m not sure on yet).


That’s only after April. You still have ability to control tips until then. Once vBAT is gone, then that’s where control is lost.


I’d have no problem with the devs terminating vBAT whatsoever, if they’d just let everyone keep what they already earned until there is some means to connect to a wallet available in their region. For example they could just say everyone looses their vBATs 2 months after registration is available in the respective region. This would mean it’s still April for all people in regions where it’s already available, but later for other regions.

The fact that they don’t explain why it’s not done that way and why they need to terminate vBAT so urgently is what makes it fishy in my view. Combine that with not being able to control where tips are going anymore, and the picture looks pretty much complete. If this doesn’t look like some big red flag which says “scam” on it, I don’t know what does. That’s why I will stop using it completely.


That’s just it, though: I like to be able to control how I tip people. Some creators I want to give more to than others and BAT is a way to do that (especially since I don’t really like Patreon-type services). I understand removing the ability to cash out. I didn’t even know that was possible until more recently. What bothers me is that loss of control over how I tip. I kept auto-contribute off all this time for that reason.

Plus, the fact that Rewards is being changed to something that is, frankly, not as privacy-friendly nor wise (as custodial wallets are, generally speaking, a really bad idea in general) really bugs me, especially since Brave is such a Web3 and privacy-focused company otherwise.


When I connect the browser to the wallet, it says that your region is not available.
I live in Georgia, I don’t have any contact with the banned countries, maybe you can explain why my IP address is included in the bans?

I’d recommend removing your IPs from your post ASAP. Very dangerous to post your IP in public. It’d be wise to only give it to Brave in a more private support ticket.

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True this is not a Ponzi it is a fraud. A fraud is where you promise to deliver something and make as if you do but you never do.

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Your posts are now being flagged it seems. Brave do not like the push back they are getting about them stealing the rewards.

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Look, I get that you’re frustrated but maybe try a less confrontational approach? I’m really frustrated too but I’m still here because I’m just voicing feedback calmly.


how did you register after getting ip banned?