Very Unhappy From Brave's Current Situation!

Not expected from Brave, been using Brave browser from over a year now and It was going well then they shutdown their Rewards Verification with their custodial wallets in most of the country’s!
I can understand that there were many things which forced Brave to pause services!

Well ADS are popping in my Browser daily but I haven’t received the BATs in my wallet from past 2 months!
I noticed many users experienced that their Monthly Rewards Showing they’ve received but they didn’t got, so I thought it’s a bug or something and will get resolved this month!
Same happened this month too! It showed around 9 BATs on it’s way and now it’s showing CONGRATS YOUR REWARDS HAS BEEN ARRIVED!
I contacted support and got in response that my Wallet was flagged for irregular activity. It will not be reinstated. Ticket id: 164102!

If I really did something which violates Brave’s TOS, then why it’s showing me advertisements from past 2+ months? Why it’s showed that my monthly rewards are on it’s way? What will happen with the previous stored rewards BAT’s which I received before my country got unsupported?

Haven’t used any VPNS services nor modified any files etc to get more ads! And monthly earnings hardly crossed over 9 BAT’s a month!

It’s feels like I got cheated! Received advertisements but got nothing return in the end! Thanks Brave!!

You should raise a ticket. Raise one at

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