7 days left of october and still no BAT

9 BAT is still to arrive to my wallet. I have received about 5 BAT which i think is 3 of my four browsers. but 9 BAT from my main browser is gone.

the info says there will only be 1 payout and i’ve gotten one except my 9 BAT was not included.

i have a ticket from support from a couple of weeks ago and i haven’t heard anything since even tho it say they would contact me within a couple of days (159313).

next period starts in 7 days and i have over 11 BAT in my main browser. would be nice to get some help from someone. don’t want them to disappear as well.

nothing? not a single word? wow… the quality of Brave support never stops to amaze me

@Dni Yep, nothing. First off, you didn’t even wait 24 hours. Secondly, you posted on a weekend. Brave Support only works weekdays typically. Lastly, creating topics here doesn’t guarantee a response. You have a support ticket and that should be working toward the issue if they haven’t already responded to you in the email.

You can always DM people like SaltyBanana or Evan123 as they tend to handle a lot with Rewards. There’s always the option of another support ticket. Or you can just sit and wait patiently.

cc @Evan123 can take a look at the above ticket #.

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Hey @Dni ,

A follow up was provided on October 17th. Would you mind checking your spam folder?

Please DM your Rewards Payment ID and I’d be happy to take a look. Thanks!

Thanx for the reply.

I finally found a “message” from the support in the trash.

"You are putting a referral code.
Do not do it.

Bad behavior."

Not sure what it means since i have not changed my behaviour at all during these 2 years I’ve used Brave. It doesn’t say what I did or what I should do to get my 9 BAT back either.


sent a DM. Thanx

maybe the next payouts it will come

I hope so. It was almost 14 BAT this month :roll_eyes:

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