You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle

im bit confused for this matter

based on the error , but clearly promoting brave heavily and earing

need help, regards

@Asad @steeven

can we shed some light its somewhat confusing

need help for this concern

same here

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seems like a bug hope this is resolved

I got the same message. Most confusing.

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Definite this isnan issue

help i hve the same message

I have the same problem and i got my Account linked to yphold from 29 august 2019 so verified from 4 september 2019 im waiting for a little solution for this issue.

as per @cory its a glitch

it is ok man ?
i get that error to mate

Relog back in so far no error will see on the payout

@butete sorry I was offline. Happy to see it has been fix