Brave creator payment didn't receive

Please brave support team acknowledge to our queries what are you doing I have posted same topic multiple times but your support is not at all,
My account got under review but I needed that money really urgently :sob::sob:
Could you please do anything in this regard, I am highly frustrated why don’t you do all this stuff before and not on payment dates you just try to get our hard earned money :sob::sob::sob:

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Your Account suspended or Under Review?

how do we know our account is suspended or under review… i would like to know

like this :pensive:
my hard earned bat of 5 months just suspended @steeven
Please give my BAT back

Example of 2 user ¬

Don’t Farm :seedling:

I also didn’t receive…

help me please, i dont understand this message

Staff do not work on Weekends!

Today is Sunday, they’ll reply tomorrow on Monday.

Hope they’ll solve all of your problems including mine!