Brave not giving my crypto. Payout in progress. Stuck for months

I have around 14 BATs in my creator account but it always shows “Payout In Progress” and it’s been stuck like that for months now, I want to withdraw them but it’s not allowing me to, how can brave succeed with that, and I’m not the only one with this issue, many others are too, this is just unacceptable.


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Anyone? Why isn’t there a proper support system? like this is pretty bad, posting here and no one replying

Yeah I have no idea, I’ve got 167BAT on thats been stuck for like a month and no one’s responded

same with me @steeven please help sir.

yeah, looks like it is a very common issue, still not fixed

Pls solve this…
This is really not a good look guys

i had answered all the cdd questions but still i had not recieved brave rewards they told problem is with brave and not uphold please help @steeven @Mattches .

My id -

Have you still not received payment as of today?

No sir Please help i had not received payment from last 8 months , i am attaching screenshot i dont know what is the problem .

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