HELP ? Payment Uphold June not been received CREATORS . Why?

Hello support!
I didn’t received my creator payment for this month yet. Payments to Uphold wallets have completed .my publisher still active , but bat don’t come to my uphold. ?

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@steeven cov19 make difficult life. I need an income for this month. please help me !

Jesus dude that’s 6000% more than what I get every month
Anyway hope you get it
@steeven pls respond I have same the same problem I sent my email in dm

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same here I also dm @steeven yesterday , no response till now though


a lot of people are still unpaid. Brave should replenish the missing payments this month.


Hi all, if you haven’t already DM’d me the email linked to your Creator account please do so. If you have already, I’m currently working through my DM’s. Thanks for your patience.

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@hunghoapu - there is no Creator account linked to the email give. Please DM if there is a different email that I should be looking for. Thanks.

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