Why won't they pay me this cycle?

I have received this message which indicates that I will not be able to receive payment this cycle. Does anyone know why?

Or are you having the same problem, some admin or moderator who can answer this problem, since I have been charging normally for 2 months and today I have this problem.


I have the same problem

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me too nobody nows for what is happen this

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Me too. Is my first deposit and i am sad :""(

I had the same problem with my creator account :frowning:

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I also got the notification … what’s wrong?

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" The amount to be paid is based on our report generated at 2020-05-27 "
its problem

I also received this message. At the time we generated the payout report, there were no pending payouts for your account.
You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle. what does it mean ?

I don’t think it’s a problem. They will generate the payment until the 27th, and not until the 31st… that all…

what the problem? Why i recieve already 3rd time it message? Why i cant get paid? And why admins ignored to me?

Same problem.

Ok… i refreshed the page and now it says that the payment is being generated… let’s hope so…


I love you Brave

i m refreshed too and get “the payment is being generated…”
i hope it’s truth

How do you guys promote brave? only friends and family or ?

Hello all - the payout reports are still being generated.

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