You Tube chat feature does not work properly

I’m used to communicating with YouTube users through its chat feature. I don’t mean the streaming chat while live videos are showing. I mean the type that stays perpetually as a type written conversation on all videos. As soon as I used this feature for the first time with Brave I noticed that it opened the usual large window to the right, except it was all white and completely blank without a single line appearing in it. While if I clicked on comments others made in general about a video instead of a comment addressed to me, the whole page would reload and go to the video itself, instead of showing me the ongoing conversation on the side without disrupting the video I was currently watching. Looks like this whole area needs a lot of work still !

Thank you for reaching out – I believe this is an easily solved issue.
First, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the chat when you try to open it?

ya Hi! I wasn’t expecting a response so soon. thanks. The video in the background “Casa Rosada” has nothing to do with the feature I’m trying to use. All though it could be just as well the video being commented on if I just so happened to be watching it again. The dialogue box opens separately. The first screen shot is what you see when you click on the little bell to see all comments being made on YouTube, the ones that are doing this problem (showing only a blank page) are the ones that say “reply” on the list which means it is a comment being directed at your own comments on whatever video thread you were watching (video threads refer to the list of comments bellow every video) If instead I click on any comment that is not directed personally at me (to reply at someone’s comment for example) instead of opening a sub thread in the comment box itself (which is what it normally does) it shoots me to that video on the main screen. I hope I didn’t over complicate my explanation!

… As long as we’re talking about YouTube problems, … I noticed starting with Firefox before I got Brave, (lol and tried Brave lol); that You Tube started half of the time showing black screened error messages about a month ago instead of starting its videos, which later goes away and starts properly after reloading. Occasionally even reloading it repeatedly will not start it regardless, and the error message stays on. I tried playing around on Firefox with ad blockers, and then on Brave tried different shield configurations, but the problem doesn’t change. Except one time on Firefox one of the Ad-blockers substituted the black-screened error message with a white reload button, for a while anyways.
I have the hunch that it is because Google Yahoo YouTube and the Internet in general has been overhauling a lot of stuff lately, and maybe because I’m in Italy there’s some kind of “European conflict”… like when some sites won’t open. Do you have any idea what is going on?

Can you show me what you have your Shields panel options set to on Youtube when you see this behavior? Like so:

You mean this one right?:

? I had tried changing all 4 of those and the problem persisted, however …while I was looking around for that panel again, I tried fidgeting with one of the “block social media” settings… and then tried again that feature… and wouldn’t you know it was working normally! Except now I can’t remember what specifically I moved! LOL… What happened was that when I first installed Brave I went to explore all its settings, and tried making some settings be what to me sounded right. But now I see I messed around with it too much!
Brave sure has a lot of settings! I guess that’s a good thing. How can I learn what all of the different settings are about though? Is there a “manual site” I can learn what they all mean and what they do?? PS: Did you get my last question about the error messages on YouTube?

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