Sever Youtube loading issue, previous solutions on community not helping

I’ve been having a sever loading issue with the YouTube website for the better part of a month now.

My current version of Brave is V1.19.92, but this appears to have carried over from previous versions.

The symptoms are

  1. YouTube home page and other video display pages load five rows of videos without issue, but anymore than that are stuck in an infinite loop of trying to load.
  2. The YouTube sidebar has become completely non-functional on the whole website, displaying blank and defaulting to a closed setting when before it was defaulted to open on the homepage.
  3. a complete inability to comment on videos through the brave browser, resulting in a “return error” message from YouTube.

I have absolutely no idea what could have caused this, I have not been able to replicate it on other websites or other browsers. It seems to be a YouTube-Brave compatibility issue.

Attempted fixes thus far:

  1. Deactivation of Brave Shield (Result: Same condition but with Ads mixed in)
  2. Clearing of cookies and cashed information in the browser pertaining to YouTube, which I see is a common fix (Result: absolutely no change)
  3. Complete deletion and reinstallation of the Brave Browser (Result: no change)

In theory, I could simply start using another browser to view YouTube, as they have shown no issues with the website at all, but I really like Brave and I don’t want to use another browser.
I know it would be more helpful if I could explain how to replicate it, but I genuinely have no clue how to replicate it.

I’ve had similar issues before but I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in YouTube itself.

Related to youtube we had a few users regarding lack of comments, which in further investigation were being caused by youtube directly. So rather a Brave issue, it was affecting all browsers (seeing the subreddit below showed this)

If you have a VPN, try a VPN location, see if makes a difference

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