Bug on Youtube chat

Hey, did anyone else have this problem and if did can you help me? I have had this problem ongoing for a while, less than a year now. The problem is that the chat on Youtube lives is bugged and i cant see it. I see the chat and people who wrote comments but i cant see those messages. I even reinstalled brave and it didnt fix anything. I switched to Firefox and everything is going good. This problem is only on brave.

Haven’t seen that issue. However, I have seen an issue going back to Sept 2022 where the chat is slow to populate and which remains unfixed. A 3rd party has written a script to fix the issue. Recently the entry box at the bottom disappears and reappears on its own.

The blanking of the text entry box is so bad that I could not chat properly during a live stream today. I have never seen a browser with so many YouTube chat issues as Brave seems to have,

I am trying Firefox which has neither of these issues.

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