(SOLVED) Loving The Speed, Feel,, Tor Integration And Th Sleek Design Of Brave. Only One Issue And That Is Turning Off Torrent Integration So I Can Use Deluge

as per the thread overall i’m loving brave. the only thing i’m not liking is the integrated web torrent. i have hunted through setting and have found no way to turn it off. instruction please, cause i truly prefer to use deluge for my torrent downloads. thanks

Wait, so let me get this straight, you want to use your own torrent client to download torrent files? I just don’t get what you want here.

trolling someone’s thread? i’m sure you have better things to do, right? like pulling the wings off of flies or kicking cats?

No, I’m just trying to figure out what exactly the issue is so I can help get it resolved.

YES, and no you weren’t trying to help. my post was and is VERY clear.

Not sure why we have to jump straight to kicking cats, @MrGrimm.
We have a switch to disable default webtorrent client now. You can see it here:


please don’t call me out again when i’m not the one who came into someones thread and pretended he didn’t understand a perfectly clear post. thanks for the link, def will check it out.


brave-browser --disable-webtorrent-extension

worked perfectly, thanks