"X" buttons not functional; design and features -- how to make Brave even more revolutionary

Description of the issue:
some “X” buttons in Settings not functional

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. in Brave, go to, e.g. “Settings” > “Site settings” > “JavaScript”
  2. tap the “X” button at the top

Expected result:
Exit from settings

Brave Version:
Current live

Mobile Device details
OS:Android 10


All mobile browsers that I’ve seen do this, but I think it’s really wasteful to have most of the top toolbar occupied by the URL input field – what, just to see several characters of the URL? It’s an atavism from the desktop version.

Here’s a better way for mobile: populate the toolbar with buttons and display the URL at the bottom of the toolbar in small font (maybe like the one apps are labeled with on Android – it’s a small narrow font, so you’d fit in many more characters of the URL – could also ellipsise the middle so the end of the URL is visible too!); and at the top of the toolbar, above the buttons, maybe display the page title in the same small font.

(See this post for pics:

-edit 2020/10/17 11:00 EST)

The buttons in the toolbar can be things like Edit/Input URL, Share, Copy URL, Reload, Find in page, Forward (with analogous long press functionality to the Back button), maybe the most recently used Advanced Control switch(es) like JavaScript on/off, etc.

And of course, you’d have the same behaviour as now if the user taps on Edit/Input or the Search icon in the bottom toolbar, i.e. you’d go to the same URL input field – it would be the same number of taps as now, think about it, i.e. one tap! But you’d also have all those other buttons in the top toolbar at single tap! (and much more of the URL visible) You could even open up a multi-line URL input field (i.e. wrap long line [sic]), so editing long URLs/search terms is easier.

How quickly do you think other browsers will copy this design? :slight_smile:


  1. I noticed there are 3 settings in top toolbar > lion > “advanced controls” > “block fingerprinting”, but only 2 settings in “settings” > “privacy” > “fingerprinting protection” – is that intentional? Even the “strict” fingerprinting block seems to leak very specific details about device, OS, browser/user-agent. :frowning: Why not provide just some standard generic strings, like “Android device”, “Android”, “Brave”? Isn’t that the point of this counter-fingerprinting effort?

  2. In Settings, what about having the first 2-4 lines consisting of the most recently modified settings, i.e. the on/off switches or whatever? It’d make things more convenient/efficient.

  3. It can’t be that hard to have basic backup functionality for bookmarks – just dump the URLs into a text file separated by newline character. Even without folder structure or titles, it’d be fine – that would be like 12 lines of code or something… Pretty please? :slight_smile:

  4. For viewing long pages: maybe “page up/down” buttons on bottom toolbar, with long press functionality “home/end”?

  5. Data saving & faster experience: easy way to disable downloading images & new fonts?

Description of the issue:
presented with “Show simplified view” bar, despite disabling in settings
Obviously the bar takes up valuable screen space. :frowning:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. in Brave, disable “Simplified view for webpages” in “Settings” > “Accessibility”

  2. open URL, e.g.

  3. Scroll down some, then up

My setup: JavaScript off, “Force enable zoom” on, “Desktop site” off (but tell Wikipedia to show desktop version – there’s a link at bottom, which I guess sets a cookie).

Expected result:
“Show simplified view” bar NOT showing

Brave Version:
Current live

Mobile Device details
OS:Android 10


Thank you for reaching out – and for the very detailed review. Lets take this one at a time:

Issue 1 (x button not working)

I just tested this myself and turns out I can reproduce it – hitting the x on any Site setting menu does not close the window as intended. I’ve opened the following issue for the devs to review:

Issue 2 (Simplified view)

This one I cannot reproduce. On my Samsung galaxy 9+ I’ve set Brave with:

  • Simplified view = Disabled
  • Force enable zoom = Enabled
  • Desktop view = Disabled
  • Block scripts = enabled

Then, I visited https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auction_theory, scrolled up/down and saw no simplified view bar. I then set the site to Desktop view, refreshed and tried again with the same results. Can you try clearing site data, just for wikipedia and seeing if the bar still appears afterwards?


Perhaps I’m misconstruing what you’re trying to say – but to me, it seems like if you were to enable the bottom toolbar (Settings --> Appearance --> Enable bottom toolbar), you get similar functionality to what you’re describing, but the address bar remains at the top. However, you have one tap access to Home button (if enabled), bookmark button, search icon (which, when tapped, auto-highlights the URL field so no extra tap needed), view of open tabs, and main menu. Further, you can control things like Script blocking, Cookie controls, ads/trackers and all other protections by simply tapping the lion icon in the address bar (note you may also need to tap “advanced view” in the drop down panel for all options).

  1. If you’d like to ask more about this in a separate thread, I’d be happy to have one of our security experts respond :slight_smile:
  2. Interesting idea – you should open a Feature Request for it.
  3. We have an open issue to add this feature that you can view here:
    I’ve also added your report to the thread as a +1 on your behalf. Until this feature is implemented, I would recommend Brave Sync – which is not a “backup”, but can be used to Sync bookmarks across devices.
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Thanks for your reply.

So I tried that, and for the first visit to the URL, the Simplified view bar wasn’t there, as intended, but after a second page it reappeared.

I think I got it (the other settings don’t seem to matter) – you should be able to reproduce the bug like this:

  1. set Settings > Accessibility > Simplified view for webpages = disabled

  2. close all Private tabs (if you have any)

  3. open new Private tab
    (this has the same effect as clearing site data for this purpose)

  4. make sure: menu > "Desktop site" = disabled

  5. visit
    (it’ll redirect to mobile version)

  6. Scroll to bottom, click “Desktop” hyperlink

  7. In the first paragraph of the article, click “efficiency” hyperlink

  8. You should see the "Show simplified view" bar when the “efficiency” page loads. The bar isn’t supposed to be presented to the user since you disabled it in step 1 above. Therefore, it’s a bug. QED :slight_smile: Now if you tap Back, the bar will appear on previous page also.

(It probably doesn’t matter for this, but I have the bottom toolbar enabled.)

Yes, I have the bottom toolbar enabled; perhaps I wasn’t clear enough: the key thing to realize is that most of the time, you only need to display the URL, and on mobile, achieving that with the input field is really inefficient. Look at the bottom toolbar, for example – it has buttons and there’s still room above and below the button graphics to display two lines of text in a small font. That’s the idea but for the top toolbar.

The URL input field is only used for its purpose when you tap on it (or the Search button on bottom toolbar) – and you could have the same functionality, i.e. turning top toolbar into input field when needed, and using it for buttons the rest of the time.

You only need to have one button (“Edit/input URL”) there to have the same functionality – the rest of the toolbar can be used for other quick access buttons/functions, such as the ones I mentioned in OP. (E.g. now, the Back button has “long press” functionality, but the Forward one doesn’t, and you have to open the menu each time to press it – you could place it in the top toolbar, add “long press”, and still have plenty of space for other buttons… accessible at single tap. It’s all about having a more efficient interface, dude… being more productive. :slight_smile: )

I wondered if I should go through GitHub, but saw this page:

The best way to do that is by visiting our Community website and posting the issue you are encountering for our Support and Brave Team staff to see.

So I posted here… there are so many avenues…


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About the design… made a drawing (clean, and with labels), so it’s easier to understand what I mean.

This would be the “resting” state, so to speak, and once user taps the Edit/input URL button, the toolbar would have the same behaviour it currently has. Then it would go back to the “resting” state.

What do you think, good idea? Please feel free to share this with whoever is involved in designing the toolbars; I think they’ll know we’re on to something here.

(The buttons can obviously be something else, or even user-selected from some pre-defined set. Personally, I’d like to have the Block scripts switch and images on/off switch available there at single tap.)


Easier way to test “simplified view” bug:

  1. Open new Private tab (just in case)
  2. Make sure Settings > Accessibility > Simplified view for web pages (Offer to show articles in simplified view, when supported) = disabled
  3. Make sure menu > Desktop site = disabled
  4. Visit https://ibkr.info/node/3290

You should see the “simplified view” bar now, which isn’t supposed to be presented.

Can you reproduce it?

(Additional info: bottom toolbar is enabled, but I don’t think it matters.)

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I was able to reproduce the simplified view issue yes – I think the initial problem was that I didn’t open it in a Private tab. Which I think is ultimately the underlying issue anyway. I’ll be forwarding this information to the team, we appreciate you reporting it.

Also appreciate your enthusiasm with the design. If you feel passionately about it, I would open a GIthub issue for it. More devs/designers will likely see it that way as well. And you were correct in coming to Community to report the bug and leave feedback btw :slight_smile:

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Simplified view bug

Great that you were able to reproduce it; it’s been bugging me for ages, even when I was using Chrome – so it’s inherited.
(Opening in Private tab is just in place of clearing site data – kinda gives you a fresh start; the issue occurs on ordinary tabs too.)

Top toolbar design --> migrate to GitHub

Thanks for the advice; I might do that. For now, I’m just glad it’s out of my head. :slight_smile: I would imagine if the other browsers’ operations are worth anything, their spies would be checking out this forum… So it’s out there, and will probably make it into Brave one way or another. (Or I’ll implement it myself someday. :slight_smile: )

Fingerprinting issue (#1/5 in OP)

I’ve seen that others (on GitHub) are onto this general issue, and they are really unhappy. :slight_smile: Not being alone is nice, I guess… This should be easy to solve – just generic strings, such as the ones I mentioned would be fine.

I’ve posted some of this in the Android requests forum, which is probably more appropriate for it. [Likes & marking this “solved”.]


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