Bottom bar for thumb access options

On Brave Mobile, I find the latest update interesting and very useful. My problem is that it constantly present and it has become intrusive. At times pressing the buttons accidentally.

I suggest an option to hide.

  1. An option to stop the bottom bar and have all settings on the top, so the user may have freedom to take advantage of it or dismiss it
  2. If user chooses to have the bottom bar, that the bottom bar hides when scrolling, in order to gain more screen availability.

This is all for now.
God bless all your team!

This should make you happy to read then :slight_smile:

:thinking: Would it also includes a feature to hide the bottom bar as one would scroll? I think the extra screen space would be favorable!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is awesome to have an option to disable or enable the bottom toolbar. It is refreshing to see the care your team has for the community. Mad props. Beon all expectations. You guys are awesome!

Nice additional option to hide the bottom toolbar. I didn’t think I’d want to hide it, though, until I realized you changed the toolbar itself and made it less convenient for me. Bummer. The one button I used the most was the bookmarks one to easily switch to another of my bookmarked sites. Relatively speaking, I very rarely bookmark new sites, so the toolbar doesn’t offer enough convenience anymore to justify it - especially since that button is already on the bottom of the screen when you open options.

I know you can’t please everyone, but I thought you had it right the first time.
Thanks for listening.

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Exactly. I only noticed the change in the toolbar today and found it difficult to believe that they really removed the bookmarks button, the most used ui element in the browser and put it behind another click for nothing. Please please please, revert this change!

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I like that I can easily bookmark a page and click the # of pages like always to change page. The search botton is very helpful.

I had found it awesome that the toolbar hide when scrolling. Great feature. But it seems that at this time is not working so.

Thank you for your attention.
God bless you all!

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